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2020 Prayer Goals

Prayer Goals – January 2020

Each Friday in the month of January (3, 10, 17, 24, 31) will serve as our consecration for the new year. During these days (Friday only), please fast eating from awakening to 6:00 pm. Water and liquid beverages (non-alcoholic) are permitted, including protein drinks, smoothies, shakes, etc. All persons on prescribed medications should follow the instructions of their physician.

Consecration is dedication to the service and worship of God.

By “consecration”, our belief is that during these special times as we make ourselves available to the leading of the Holy Spirit, He will mark this new season as one of revelation, clearer vision, special personal instructions, and guidance from the Lord.

Each Friday during the month, special services will be held at New Life Interfaith Ministries beginning at 6:30 pm, and ending by 7:45 pm.

The themes covered each Friday in the month will be subjects we believe to be necessary to bring unmistakable revelation, and advancement of the plan of God to enhance believer’s lives in this new epoch.

January 3 – The power of graced goal-setting (personal/professional)
January 10 – Church Growth, increased global & community impact (God’s specific plan to end homelessness, hunger, sex trafficking, domestic violence, poverty, etc.)
January 17 – Family progression (making up for losses – time, relationship, opportunities, health, life, etc.)
January 24 – Divine focus (clearing up ambiguous behaviors & attention, relationships, etc.)
January 31 – “Getting the bag” (answering “whys” concerning limited resources, income, direction regarding promotion, and outgo of finances)