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Covid-19 Updates

New Life Interfaith Ministries, and all of its entities are committed to providing a safe environment for our total worship experience (Spirit, soul and body).  In light of the pandemic spread of COVID-19, we have increased the frequency of cleaning procedures at high touch point areas such as door handles, doorplates, faucet and toilet handles, etc.  Our Ministry and schools are providing numerous hand sanitizing stations campus-wide.

UPDATE (April 1, 2020):  All in-person meetings are currently suspended.  Be sure to join us online for virtual worship services.  Student Ministry will host Zoom calls for services.

In addition, we have implemented the following precautions during meeting and school times for this season:

  • All hugging, handshaking, and close proximity touching have been suspended.
  • These typical displays of our love for each other are to be replaced with fist or elbow bumps, peace signs, and other non-touching forms of social distancing.
  • When praying, all ministers will extend their hands toward the congregant and maintain safe distancing.

As we deal with this pandemic virus, and make natural adjustments accordingly, we declare our God is entirely faithful, and our protection comes from Him!  (Psalm 89:8, 18 NLT)

We encourage members, guests, students, and clients to observe the following instructions:

  1. Avoid all unnecessary travel.
  2. Wash hands frequently throughout each day for at least 20 seconds.
  3. Drink plenty of water.  Water is essential to bolstering the immune system.  As this disease is viral, it seeks to attach itself to weak immune systems.
  4. Avoid touching the mouth, face, or nose.
  5. All persons 65 and older with preexisting conditions that are prevalent, are asked by the CDC to be cautious about leaving home in this environment.

New Life Interfaith Ministries will also postpone the following events until further notice:

  • 1st Sunday Life Lounge Fellowship
  • Complete Men’s Takeover Event – April 18
  • 4th Wednesday Interactive Life Groups
  • 2020 Women’s Brunch Event – May 9

Lastly, we bind the spirit of fear!

Psalm 91 – “It is he who dwells in the secret place of the most high that abides in the shadow of the almighty.” (Paraphrased)

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