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Worship Service Relocation

The recent weather challenges in our region resulted in flooding at New Life’s Central location in Bessemer, Alabama. Consequently, all services and activities for the Bessemer area have been moved to New Life’s Center of Excellence. We are grateful to God that necessary insurance was in place and therefore all repairs and renovations are being made with no hardship to the ministry. Isaiah 9:10 in the Message Bible says, “Things aren’t that bad, we can handle anything that comes. If our buildings are knocked down, we’ll rebuild them bigger and finer. If our forests are cut down, we’ll replant them with fire trees.” Thanks be unto God who always causes us to triumph!

We invite you to join us each Sunday & Wednesday to hear a word from God that is sure to change your life forever!  The New Life Center of Excellence is located at 1622 7th Avenue North, Bessemer, Alabama 35020.  Services will be held at this location until further notice.