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01/13/13 – “Sonship in the Body of Christ” II – The Revelation of Sonship



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January 13, 2013


Sonship in the Body of Christ II

(The Revelation of Sonship)

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January 13, 2013


Sonship in the Body of Christ II

(The Revelation of Sonship)




  1. Salvation is the beginning of God’s spiritual process in your life.
  2. God’s best is transferred into our lives [after salvation] when we become mature sons.
  3. Sonship is not gender specific but a mindset or a position in God that empowers us to become more than conquerors.
    1. Jesus inherited the power of God for the miraculous through His sonship.
    2. David was able to defeat the mammoth giant Goliath because he had become a mature son.
  4. We prove our maturity and consequently earn the trust of God when our choices and decisions are in agreement with the Father.
  5. The Church is designed to teach us how to grow up, submit and progress in God.



  1. Hebrews 12:1-9 [Modify text to clarify the sonship relationship]
    1. Sons run a specific race and look only to Jesus for answers.   (verses 1-2)
    2. Mature sons allow the word of God to correction their thinking.  (verse 7)
    3. We become bastards [in our thinking] when we “push back” at God or resist God’s correction.
  2. All creation is waiting for us to understand our sonship.
    1. Romans 8:19
    2. Romans 8:21
    3. Romans 8:23

·            Creation awaits sonship and God’s power demonstrated to the same degree our physical bodies are awaiting our resurrection bodies.

·            Creation awaits sons who can restore back the earth to its pre-cursed state.  Only sons will be given the power to do this.

  1. James 5:7

·            God patiently waits for the Church to produce sons that He can channel His power through.



  1. Growth from spiritual childhood to that of a son is the process God is developing in us so that He may transfer His power for the supernatural and miracles into our hands.
  2. A bastard is a person who has not married God’s way of thinking.
  3. Sons are those who have matured and developed by the instructions of their teacher/father.
  4. A true son’s mind is nourished and his character is molded by his father.


  1.          I.            The manifestation of sons of God will not be disclosed or invested to God’s offspring in the infant or adolescent stages.
    1. God can elevate us when we are mature [in our thinking] and have a mindset of maintenance.

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