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01/27/13 – “Sonship in the Body of Christ” IV – The Three Levels of Sonship



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January 27, 2013


Sonship in the Body of Christ IV

(The Three Levels of Sonship)

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January 27, 2013


Sonship in the Body of Christ IV

(The Three Levels of Sonship)




  1. Sonship in the body of Christ is not gender reflective.  Both males and females are called sons of God.
  2. Sonship speaks to the level of the believer’s maturity.  In other words, the believer has matured into the image and likeness of the Father which enables him to operate like the Father.
  3. Sonship describes the Father’s full disclosure of His power in one’s life. The Father can invest the fullness of His power into this individual’s life and trust him to do His will.
  4. After salvation, God becomes our Father [in our thinking].  Believers that are not on the evolution to become sons can be categorized as:
    1. A carnal believer that is saved yet still thinks like the world.
    2. A [spiritual] bastard that has illegitimate thoughts.  In other words, their thoughts do not line up with God.



  1. God must await our maturity before He can deposit His power in us.
    1. St. Matthew 16:13-23
      1. After Peter received the keys to the Kingdom (access to all that the Father has), he rebuked Jesus for doing the will of the Father which proved his immaturity.
      2. The believer must become mature enough to operate in the power of God.
      3. A [true] son has the maturity to properly handle and invest the inheritance of the Father.
  2. The path to sonship and inheriting the power of God is through a local church and church pastor.
    1. I Corinthians 11:1
      1. Jesus followed God.  A man of God follows Jesus.  Following a man of God places us in succession to receive the inheritance of the Father.
      2. As you imitate (follow your spiritual leader), you gain from following the leader’s steps.



  1. Hebrews 12:1-9 [Text modified to clarify the sonship relationship]
  2. Romans 8:19
  3. Romans 8:21
  4. Romans 8:23
    1. Creation awaits sonship and God’s power demonstrated to the same degree our physical bodies are awaiting our resurrection bodies.
    2. Creation awaits sons who can restore back the earth to its pre-cursed state.  Only sons will be given the power to do this.


  1.          I.            The three levels of sonship
    1. True sonship always draws conflict as depicted in the life of Jesus.
      1. The Jewish leaders responded to Jesus by accusing Him of blasphemy.  –St. Matthew 26:65-66
      2. The Jews also insisted that Jesus must die because He claimed to be the son of God.  -St. John 19:7
      3. The enemy fights you because he knows you have the right to operate as gods in the earth.  (Scripture reference – Psalm 82)
    2. The manifestation of the sons of God will not be disclosed or invested to infants or adolescents.  This will be a manifestation only to those who have become the full stature of Christ.
      1. The life of Jesus reveals three stages of spiritual growth in the believer.
        1. Infancy (teknion) – symbolized by Jesus’ manger birth; and as a born male Jew, He was marked as a covenant man by circumcision.
          1. In the infancy stage, the full power is not on you but you are in covenant with God.
          2. Salvation is the infancy stage for the believer.
          3. Puberty (teknon) – symbolized by Jesus appearing in the temple at age 12
            1. Luke 2:40, 42, 49

·            In the Jewish community, a young man has a ceremony pronounced over him called the bar mitzvah which means “son accountable”.

·            At age 12, the Jewish child took his place in the family business.

·            From the age of 12, Jesus is lost from the scriptures.  This 18 year period is called the period of obscurity.

·            In Jesus’ obscure years, He was becoming the Word. –Isaiah 50:4

  1. This is the believer’s apprentice period to be taught the Word.
  2. Maturity (huios) meaning son placement
    1. St. Matthew 3:16-17
    2. At this time, the father of a young man in the Jewish experience would proclaim the young man as mature and the father would openly bestow upon the son his riches, power and authority so that he may act on his behalf in all his affairs.
    3. Three stages of fatherhood
      1. The father exclusively imparts into his son.
      2. The father and son evolve into close friendship which is evidence by the son’s kinship to the father’s viewpoint.  (Scripture reference – II Kings 2:9-15)
      3. The son begins to impart to the father and speaks on the father’s behalf.

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