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02/03/13 – “Sonship in the Body of Christ” V – The Stage of Infancy



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February 3, 2013


Sonship in the Body of Christ V

(The Stage of Infancy)

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February 3, 2013


Sonship in the Body of Christ V

(The Stage of Infancy)




  1. Growth from spiritual infancy to that of a mature son is the process of God developing the believer so that God may transfer His full power for supernatural miracles into the hands of believers.  Concisely, God’s full power will only be released into the hands of mature sons.
  2. Sons or sonship is not a gender reflective term but a mature position in the Kingdom of God.
  3. Sonship refers to those who are matured believers or are in the process of becoming mature in the things of God.
  4. True sonship draws conflict which is why sonship must be defended and maintained.
  5. Sonship is the process through which God transfers the power of the Kingdom.
  6. The power of the Kingdom is the manifestation of the blessing (the blessing is words spoken which rule over an atmosphere or an environment).
  7. True sons understand that God’s correction is a component of their maturity.



  1. Movement into sonship requires knowing that we are not called to be Christians but believers because God never called us Christians.
  2. Christians or Christ-like is problematic in the sense that Christ-like is subject to individual interpretations.  You must know Christ to be formed in His image.
  3. To be an effective believer, you must understand, embrace and operate in the Kingdom of Heaven not the world’s system.
  4. God needs proof of our maturity.
    1. St. Matthew 16:13-23
      1. The source for information for the believer is God [not flesh and blood].  (verse 17)
      2. Peter receives the keys to the Kingdom (access to the power of God).  (verse 19)
      3. Immediately Peter uses his authority to correct and rebuke Jesus which depicts his immaturity.  (verse 22)
      4. Jesus rebukes Peter and calls him Satan.  (verse 23)
      5. The level and quality of our choices are indicators that dictate our maturity [not our chronological or spiritual age].
      6. Peter’s lack of development serves as an example why God will not give His power to the immature.
      7. Acts 2:1-14 [Emphasis verse 14]
        1. As Peter develops, God entrusts him with the Pentecostal message.
        2. Inheritance awaits the matured believer.
  5. Traits of the infancy stage:
    1. Inconsistencies (Life of Abraham)
    2. Inconsistent in the support of the ministry
    3. Lack or inconsistent church attendance



  1. Hebrews 12:1-9
    1. Sons endure correction.
    2. The root of rebellion often begins in a home lacking boundaries, discipline and correction.
    3. [Spiritual] bastards refuse to submit to correction or authority.
  2. Hebrews 1:1-4


  1.          I.            Components to growth in the kingdom of God
    1. Stages of sonship in the life of Jesus
      1. Infancy depicted by Jesus’ manger birth and circumcision on the 8th day
      2. Puberty or adolescence depicted in the life of Jesus at the age of 12
      3. Complete maturity – Jesus’ placement in Kingdom business at age 30 (biblical number for maturity) (Scripture reference – Matthew 3:16-17)
      4. Infancy
        1. The father exclusively imparts into the son.
          1. The child is totally dependent on the parents for care.  In other words, parents are responsible for their children’s growth whereas the Church is responsible for believer’s spiritual growth.
  2.         II.            Congregational sons versus sons of the spiritual realm
    1. I Corinthians 12:1
      1. A spiritual father’s job is to teach and give understanding of spiritual matters; secondly, to give you (his sons of the ministry) understanding so we are not spiritually ignorant.
      2. Even Jesus had varying levels of impact on all His followers.
      3. Congregational sons are merely just part of the group.
      4. True sons of the spiritual realm allow their spiritual father’s words to have impact to function effectively in the Kingdom.
        1. The separating notion is how much land (real estate of your thinking) one allows the father to conquer and at what time or stage?
        2. There is a knitting or kinship that takes place in the spirit between true sons and their spiritual father.   To whom are you a son, to whom does your spirit leap?
        3. Spiritual sonship begins with a revelation (when you have a revelation of who he is in the spirit. (Scripture reference – St. John 11:26-27)

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