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02/20/13 “The Patriarchal Period” II – The Development of Abraham



The Chronological Method of Bible Study


Tuesday in the Truth

February 19, 2013


The Patriarchal Period II

(Abram and His Development)


Wednesday in the Word

February 20, 2013

The Patriarchal Period II

(The Development of Abraham)




  1.          I.            The Bible is the substance that changes circumstances, situations and conditions.
    1. We study the Word and consequently speak the words of God because the Word carries substance that produces things.
      1. The word of God is dabar which is Hebrew for both word and thing.  For example, the Word became things…in Genesis 1.
      2. 2.       God is higher than the natural order of things.  God speaks and His words become the things He spoke.  (Isaiah 55:8-9)
      3. We must set aside the natural order and its limitations and embrace how God operates to fully understand we are speaking spirits.   
    2. The word of God carries substance that creates things.
      1. The word of God is the substance of “all” things.  (Hebrews 11:1; Romans 10:17)
      2. St. Matthew 12:34-36
        1. Encrypted in God’s word is the substance for things.
        2. The treasure cannot be released until you put the Word in your heart.
        3. Speaking the Word releases what’s in your heart.
      3. St. Matthew 4:1-4
        1. It’s crucial that we learn to live by the Word because the Word is the substance for all the things you will ever need.
        2. In other words, the Word is the substance to everything you need in life.
    3. The word of God takes on substance and form.
      1. Through the mouth of Moses in the book of Exodus, 10 times God show the Pharaoh of Egypt His word can take on the form any substance.
      2.  The word of God is so specific and exact that it can differentiate light from darkness within city limits.  While it was dark in Egypt, the lights were on in Goshen.
      3. Because the Word changes forms (as in the Word becoming a baby), implies the process involves a time element or factor.
    4. The word of God is seed.
      1. St. Mark 4:30 -32
        1. Compacted in the seed is enough information to produce something so large that other things are attracted to it.
      2. The word of God is like an apple seed.  When germination of the seed takes place, it produces a tree that can yield thousands of apples.
      3. In other words, the entire tree and all its things were in the seed.  The information is encoded in the seed.
  2.         II.            The Development of Abraham
    1. The Patriarchal Period (root word is patriarch which means a father or founder of a race, family or nation). This stage is the founding of the nation of Israel (God’s chosen people).   God chooses Israel as a prototype to demonstrate His power and what He would do for any believing nation or people.
    2. The beginning of a new race of people through Abraham

·            Genesis 11:24 begins the discussion of the line of Abraham through (pointing to) the Messiah.

·            The 50 chapters of Genesis are concerned with the redemption of His covenant people.

·            God’s focus is “calling”.   Underwritten in His call on your life are all the mistakes you will make.

·            Abram is seen in his weaknesses as well as in his faithfulness.

·            God chose Abram to regain the world.

  1. Exodus 19:4-6
  2. I Peter 2:9
    1. Being a speaking spirit makes your peculiar.  Peculiar does not mean weird.
    2. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego peculiarity delivered them from a fiery furnace.  Instead of being embarrassed by the enemy, they were elevated by God.
    3. Daniel’s peculiarity freed him from a den of lions and he is promoted.
    4. Revelation 1:6
      1. Six blessings attached to the Abrahamic call
        1. Abram [himself] would be blessed in his lifetime
        2. Abram’s name would be renown (God will make you famous)
        3. Abram would be a blessing to others
        4. Those who honored Abram would be honored
        5. Those that rejected Abram would be cursed
        6. Abram’s influence would be universal
        7. Identifying the Terah’s in your life.
          1. Genesis 11:24-32
            1. God does not talk to Abram until Terah (Abram’s biological father) dies because God will not compete with another’s vision, influence, or relationship.  (verse 32)
            2. The Terah’s in your life may not necessarily connect you to God.
            3. As soon as Terah dies, God speaks to Abram.  (Genesis 12:1)
            4. Terah’s part was to sponsor Abram so that God could use Abram to develop a new nation.
            5. In other words, God will use others to get you to your specific calling.
            6. Terah in the Hebrew means to delay or delayed.  Some natural relationships can delay you coming into your destiny.  A Terah can be anything, anyone or any situation that delay you from God’s plan for your life.
            7. Abram had a series of delays because he did not identify the Terah’s in his life as he was progressing toward his destiny in God.

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