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03/06/13 – “The Patriarchal Period” IV – Nation Blessed



The Chronological Method of Bible Study


Tuesday in the Truth

March 5, 2013


The Patriarchal Period IV

(The Blessing)


Wednesday in the Word

March 6, 2013

The Patriarchal Period IV

(Nation Blessed)



  1. The Importance of the Word of God
    1. I John 5:4
      1. It is the will of God that believers live a victorious life.
      2. The word of God is the agent God uses to give the believer overcoming power.
    2. Isaiah 55:11-13
      1. The word of God carries a dual meaning.  In the word, there is substance to make a thing.
      2. Any time God speaks, His words becomes things.  In other words, the word of God goes out as words but develops into things.
    3. Isaiah 53:7
      1. Jesus, as the source of life, the absolute life, can only die if He opens His mouth and speak death.  His words would have taken on angelic substance.
      2. Jesus had to keep His mouth closed to die.  Likewise, Satan can kill believers when we stop speaking the Word.   When we open our mouths and speak the Word, we abort the plan of the enemy to destroy our lives.
    4. St. Matthew 12:34-35
      1. As we make confessions, the Word is deposited into our heart as words, but comes forth out of your mouth as things.


  1.          I.            A blessed nation of God founded by the patriarch Abraham
    1. Genesis 11:24-32
      1. Terah means tarrying, delaying or migrating.  Terah delayed Abram from his promise.
      2. In the calling, God becomes our Father.
      3. God’s calling is the antidote for barrenness and the anointing for fruitfulness.  (verse 30)
    2. Genesis 12:1-3
      1. Also in the calling, God assumes full responsibility for us.  (verse 1)
      2. The blessing is known as the Abrahamic Covenant which is the covenant to bless (God’s covenant extended to His family to bless them).  (verse 2)
      3. Abraham is the patriarch of this new nation which has never existed before.
      4. As the seed of Abraham, we become heirs to the promise of Abraham.  (Scriptural reference  – Galatians 3:28-29
      5. The indication of the call further is that God will empower us to prosper.
    3. The significance of this new nation to the believer defined…
      1. Nation – that which has been born
        1. Something should be born inside you.
        2. In other words, you should be giving birth to something
      2. Nation – a community of people who share a common language
        1. Faith is our language in this new nation.  In this new nation our words become things.
        2. When we keep speaking like the world we will never see victory.
      3. Nation – physical borders
        1. This new nation gives our lives parameters and borders.
        2. There are certain things we just do not do.  In other words, we do not pattern ourselves after the world.
      4. Nation – A Gentile (a non Jewish born person), a heathen
        1. Every person will come into this new nation as a Gentile or heathen.  This is the pool from which God calls His consecrated people.
        2. As the Body of Christ, we cannot become so judgmental or righteous as the heathen is maturing.
        3. God will show his glory to the universe by blessing the heathen and using the heathen to draw others to Him.
    4. The blessing of Abraham
      1. God was always after the Gentile.  Galatians 3:13-14
      2. The blessing of Abraham was originally the blessing of Adam – Genesis 1:28
        1. God created Adam and Eve and blessed them.
        2. God can create from dirt and cause dirt to prosper because the blessing is on it.

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