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03/09/2010 – “Assignment Fulfillment” I – The Accuracy of Where

You are the answer for a specific people, place and time.

March 9 & 10, 2010

Assignment Fulfillment I
(The Accuracy of “Where”)
Pastor George M. Matthews, II


1.  To understand after the assignment, the next step is to discover the geography or “where” of your assignment.
2.  To understand that the plan of God will not manifest everywhere.
3.  To understand your life only has impact when you are in your assigned place.
4.  To understand that the “where” of your assignment is critical to your success in life.
5.  To help you understand that when you are at the “where” of your assignment, even your mistakes will work to your advantage. (Romans 8:28)
6.  To help you understand “where” is the key to fulfillment.

1.  God has a plan for your life; however, it is not enough to only know the “what” of your assignment; knowing the geography of your assignment is critical – it’s the difference maker.
2.  The moment you step from “where”, you forfeit the provisions of God.
3.  Supernatural provisions are in the “there” of your assigned place.
4.  “Where” determines what will grow in you.
5.  Your assignment will not fit anywhere or in any church.
6.  To get to your exact location to fulfill your assignment requires hearing from God.
7.  Your “where” will bring you to your wealthy place. (Psalm 66:12)

1.Jeremiah 1:5-10
2.  Acts 10:34 (KJV & The Amplified Bible)
3.  St. Mark 11:22-23
4.  I Kings 17:1-9
a)  Scriptural example of the accuracy of “where”
1.  Elijah was given specific directions and instructions.
2.  God commands provisions for Elijah at the “there” place.
3.  Elijah had to remain at his “there” place to receive the provisions.

I.    There exists no one else exactly like you in the earth.
A.  The ordained part of you is God’s choice to assignment fulfillment.

B.  You are not the solution to everyone.

C.  When you have the solutions to the people that need you, they will not let you go. (II Kings 4)

D.  You are the answer for a specific people, place and time.

II.    One would think that the Gospel will fit anywhere.
A.  Genesis 12:1-3
1)  God will bless you at your specific place.

B.  St. Matthew 15:24
1)  Even the Word is on an appointed track of destiny.

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