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03/10/13 – “The Son of Abraham, the Son of David, and the Son of God” – Treasures from Dark Places



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March 10, 2013


The Son of Abraham, the Son of David, and the Son of God

(Treasures from Dark Places)

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March 10, 2013


The Son of Abraham, the Son of David, and the Son of God

(Treasures from Dark Places)




  1. Jesus is referred to as the son of Abraham.  He is also introduced in the scriptures as the son of David and the son of God.
  2. Son is not a gender reflective term but a universal term to qualify those mature enough to yield their thoughts to the Father.



  1. Three stages of sonship depicted in the life of Jesus
    1. Infancy (teknion) – symbolized by Jesus’ manger birth; and circumcision on the 8th day.  Salvation is the infancy stage for the believer.
    2. Puberty (teknon) – symbolized by Jesus appearing in the temple at age 12.  (St. Luke 2:40, 42, 49).  This stage is identified by submission and accountability to a spiritual leader.
    3. Maturity (huios) meaning son placement lived out at Jesus’ water immersion in St. Matthew 3:16-17.  God will only give His full power and inheritance to mature sons.



  1. Hebrews 12:1-9
    1. The real battle or difference between a mature son and an immature son is how they think.  Are we processing as a mature son or as an immature son?


  1.          I.            St. Luke 15:11-32 (The prodigal son)
    1. Observations
      1. Both the prodigal and his brother were immature through both sons.
      2. The younger son was immature before the fact (demanding his inheritance before he was mature).
      3. The elder son was immature after the fact (his refusal to stand with his father).
      4. Indicators of mature sons (spiritual DNA test)
        1. The mature son is supposed to take his position inside the room at the door beside his father. Our spiritual father should be someone we side with.
        2. The difference or separating notion between an immature son and a mature son is connected to how much land (the mind) one allows the father to conquer.   Our spiritual father must have access to our mind to change our thinking.
        3. Spiritual sonship begins with a revelation.  Mature sons have a revelation of whom their spiritual father is in the spirit.
        4. Immature sons join a church.  Mature sons are joined to a church consequently a man’s ministry.  When we are joined to something, we are knitted through the heart by the Holy Spirit. (Romans 8:14)
        5. True sons never inconvenience the father.  A spiritual father should not be inconvenienced by the foolishness of his immature sons.
        6. Mature sons never refuse the father’s righteous requests.  A spiritual leader sees in us what we cannot see ultimately by leading us to our destiny.
        7. Mature sons will not call attention to their service.  The individual is somehow eluding he is greater in serving, than the father is in governing.
        8. Mature sons never ignore their father’s attention.
        9. Mature sons never impose his own standards over the standards of the father. These are undermining tactics of the enemy.  The father’s authority will never be impactful as long as the son harbors these thoughts.
        10. Mature sons never allow themselves to be silent or absent when he should be speaking or representing the father’s causes.
        11. Mature sons will not bring others into matters of the father’s household.
        12. Mature sons will patiently await his promotion for the time appointed by the father.  If you don’t have a spiritual father, when will you be appointed?  (Galatians 4:1-7)
        13. Mature sons will not blame others recognition or elevation on preference or favoritism.
  2.         II.            Treasures from dark places
    1. The importance and benefit of becoming mature is connected to our ability to discern God’s timing and method by which He will use people to bless us.
      1. True sons have a level of maturity and relationship with God to know who He is using and when.
      2. Maturity keeps us in relationship with God so He can direct our steps.
      3. Our maturity as a son governs the timing to receive, and differentiates the blessing from the deceitfulness of riches.
      4. Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, was stricken with leprosy and consequently his position due to his immaturity.  (Scripture reference – II Kings 5)
      5. Isaiah 45:1-3
        1. There are more resources in the world than in the church.   Because God is God, He can use the crooked (unsaved) and dark places to deliver and bless His people.
        2. It takes a level of maturity to distinguish which “dark things” God is using to bring us treasures.
        3. It took a level of maturity for Jonah to go through the dark place (in the belly of a fish for 3 days) and ultimately obey the will of God.
        4. Joseph is brought through many dark places before he is elevated in unrighteous Egypt by an unrighteous king.
          1. God used the Ishmaelites (an enemy), to free Joseph from the pit and take him into Egypt.
          2. Joseph was mature enough to know the timing of his deliverance.
          3. God can bring treasures (blessings or something good) from dark places.  In other words, God can work through dark places to expose us to light.

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