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03/16/2010 – “Assignment Fulfillment” II – Places Make All The Difference

Supernatural miracles are only in your assigned place.


March 16 & 17, 2010

Assignment Fulfillment II
(Places Make All The Difference)
Pastor George M. Matthews, II

A. Jeremiah 1:5-10
B. Acts 10:34
C. St. Mark 11:22-23
D. I Kings 17:1-9

Supportive Texts
A. Proverbs 4:18
B. Ephesians 2:10 (KJV & The Amplified Bible)
C. Jeremiah 29:11
D. Isaiah 46:9-11

Success in life is connected to a place.  When you are in the right place, the “place” activates the instructions, followed by supernatural miracles. The key, however, to experiencing the maximum outpouring of God’s best is hinged upon your ability to hear and execute the instructions given by the Lord.

A. Every initiative and endeavor of your assignment must be under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
B. Supernatural miracles are only in your assigned place.
C. “There” – the place of your assignment – is the place of God’s commanded blessings.
D. To be successful God’s way, you must follow His path.
E. All of the instructions from the Lord will be connected to a place; people, favor, grace and the anointing are all connected to the right place.

I.  Neither the Gospel nor your assignment will fit anywhere.

A.  There is a place and time for the acceptance of the Gospel. (St. Matthew 15:24)
1.  The life of Jesus was scripted.

B.  The Gospel was specifically sent to the Jews first. (Acts 11:19-20)
1.  The Gospel is only to the people on our destiny track.
2.  You must pray to receive the plan and instructions from God.

II.  Places make all the difference.

A.  Lacking nothing is attached to your “there” place. (Deuteronomy 2:3-4, 7)

B.  Jesus had to travel a specific route.  (St. John 4:4)
1.  There are experiences and places you must encounter to fulfill your life’s assignment.
2.  Obedience is required to see the maximum manifestation of the hand of God.

C.  Abram was instructed to leave a certain place to voyage to another place so that the blessing could be realized there.  (Genesis 12:1-3)
1.  God will not bless you anywhere.
2.  Your current “place” may not fit your assignment; you must make a juxtaposition based on the instructions from the Lord.

D.  The Apostle Paul’s assignment was to preach to the Gentiles. (Ephesians 3:8-9)
1.  The Word can be taken to the wrong place if it is not your assignment.
2.  The ability to hear “where” is critical.

E.  Jesus commands a specific audience from a specific place. (St. Matthew 10:5-8)
1.  Not even the Word is for everywhere and everyone at anytime.
2.  God reserves the right to speak to you about “where”.
3.  Miracles follow being in the right place.

F.  The Holy Ghost forbids the Word in certain regions at certain times. (Acts 16:6-10)
1.  Every initiative and endeavor of your assignment must be under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

G.  Jesus instructs a demon possessed man to a place. (St. Mark 5:18-20)
1.  The demoniac man converts the entire town of Decapolis because he is in his “there” place.

III.  “Where” determines several things.
A.  Who will see you.
1.  The right people determine the flow of favor extended in your life.

B.  Who you will see.
1.  This controls your flow of influence and exposure.
2.  Increase comes by way of exposure.

C.  No one receives favor until they are seen.
1.  Pharaoh called for Joseph. (Genesis 41:14)
2.  Moses received favor when Pharaoh’s daughter saw him. (Exodus 2:5)
3.  Jairus’ daughter received Jesus’ attention when she was seen by Jesus. (St. Mark 5:21)

Additional Scripture References

1.  Hebrews 12:9
2.  St. Matthew 15:24
3.  Acts 11:19-20
4.  Deuteronomy 2:3-4, 7
5.  St. John 4:4
6.  Genesis 12:1-3
7.  Ephesians 3:8-9
8.  St. Matthew 10:5-8
9.  Acts 16:6-10
10. St. Mark 5:18-20
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