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03/17/13 – “The Son of Abraham, the Song of David, and the Son of God” II – The Significance of Names



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March 17, 2013


The Son of Abraham, the Son of David, and the Son of God II

(The Significance of Names)


  1. Three stages of sonship depicted in the life of Jesus
    1. Infancy (teknion) – symbolized by Jesus’ manger birth; and circumcision on the 8th day.
    2. Puberty (teknon) – symbolized by Jesus appearing in the temple at age 12.  (St. Luke 2:40, 42, 49).
    3. Maturity (huios) – meaning son placement lived out at Jesus’ water immersion in St. Matthew 3:16-17.



  1. Hebrews 12:1-9
    1. Bastards are still in the family of God but have not embraced God’s way of thinking.
    2. Maturity is important because God as the Father of spirits cannot lead and direct immature spirits (sons).



  1. Names give rise to our destiny.
  2. Names are titles in which inheritance are passed on.
  3. Names present identity.
  4. The family of God name gives the believer a certain identity.
  5. Through our spiritual family comes our divine inheritance.
  6. In our natural family are limitations and restrictions.


  1.          I.            The significance of names
    1. Genesis 17:5-7
      1. Abram later becomes something he was not born into.
      2. This means a believer may have been naturally born poor but born again to become rich; born sick but born again into healing.  In other words, God is powerful enough to reverse any curse we were born under.
      3. The right name connects us to the right destiny.
      4. Abram meant exalted father as a term of respect.
      5. Abram’s name is changed to Abraham meaning respected; exalted father of nations or multitudes.
      6. The name of Abraham includes all the promises (inheritances) of God that God intended to get to him.
    2. Genesis 17:15-19
      1. Sarai means chief governor or leader in a masculine form which limits her ability to reproduce.
      2. Sarai’s name is changed to Sarah meaning princess of many nations.
    3. Genesis 32:24-30
      1. Jacob wrestles with “an angel” because he knew he was entitled to the blessing of Abraham.
      2. Jacob’s name means trickster, supplanter, liar, and deceiver.
      3. Jacob’s name is changed to Israel meaning divine master.
      4. When our name is changed, what we used to wrestle with, we now conquer in God.
      5. When God speaks of Israel, He speaks of His children.  God has given us an anointing through His spirit to divinely master all human imperfections.
      6. God is calling us Israel – those who have through His power divinely mastered all of life’s difficulties.
    4. St. Luke 1:57-64
      1. The family of Zacharius and Elisabeth wanted to follow custom and name the child after his father.
      2. The mother knew God was using this child to do something different from the father, consequently naming the child John.
      3. Zacharius’ mouth was opened immediately when he agreed with God’s name for the child.  This implies that God can trust what comes out of the mouth of mature sons.
      4. John would not follow in his father’s step.  This was not his destiny.
      5. Only God can define our destiny which may not be the destiny of our natural family or something our natural family can understand.

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