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03/23/2010 – “Obedience as a Master Key” – The Importance of Small Things

Obedience in “small” things creates the opportunity God awaits to set you up.

March 23 & 24, 2010

Obedience as a Master Key

(The Importance of “Small” Things)
Pastor George M. Matthews, II


A. Jeremiah 1:5-10
B. Acts 10:34
C. St. Mark 11:22-23
D. I Kings 17:1-9

Supportive Texts
A. Hebrews 12:9b
B. Hebrews 11:6

Obedience as a master key gives you full access to the plan of God for your life.  Obedience is proven in “small” things and is the seed to what you will inevitably see, the completion of your life’s assignment.

A. Obedience is learned.
B. To see your life’s assignment come to fruition, you must learn to become obedient to the voice of God.
C. Understanding obedience is the key to the miraculous.
D. There is “no thinking” after God has given you a set of instructions.
E. Obedience is not contingent on your five physical senses.
F. With God, there is no such thing as “small”.
G. “Small” is the connection to the breakthrough you need.
H. Disobedience prolongs “small” and the fulfillment of your life’s assignment.

A.  Obedience:
1.  Obedience is the willful submission and performance of assigned tasks, statutes or commandments.
2.  Hebrews 5:8
a.  You learn obedience from your experiences.
b.  Jesus learned obedience by the things He suffered.
3.  I Peter 4:10
a.  Obedience is following the instructions from the Lord regarding the special gifts He has given you.

B.    Purpose:
1.  Purpose is the original intent of a thing as defined by the creator.
2.  There are four dimensions of purpose:
a.  How we are created.
1.  This speaks to our capacity; our capacity is based on our purpose.
b.  What is our divine assignment or the God-given desires of accomplishments?
c.  What is our stewardship of these gifts given for the purpose of fulfilling the assignment?
d.  Our position or where/how we are set by God to fulfill our function in the earth realm.
3.  “Where” determines several things:
a.  Who will see you.
1. The right people determine the flow of favor extended in your life.
b.  Who you will see.
1.  This controls your flow of influence and exposure.
2.  Increase comes by way of exposure; exposure is the first step to increase.
3.  New people bring new exposures.
c.  No one receives favor until they are seen.

I.  Obedience in “small” things creates the opportunity God awaits to set you up.
A.  Oak trees are produced by small acorns.
1.  The massiveness of an oak tree is locked in the perceived trivialness of an acorn.
2.  How you treat the “small” details given you by God will determine your manifestation.
3.  Obedience to “small” is the connection to your breakthrough.

B.  Philip, one man, hurriedly obeyed the instructions of the Lord to minister to one Ethiopian eunuch. (Acts 6:26-31)
1.  Because the Lord said, Philip went and did. (verse 27)
2.  History records Philip’s obedience was connected to over 90% of Ethiopia receiving the Word.
3.  You must hurry to obey to detach yourself from your flesh and senses.

C.  Naaman, a great man, problem is solved by a little maid. (II Kings 5:1-3)
1.  Obedience to every word is important to the fulfillment of your assignment.
2.  The healing was in the obedience not the water.

D.  Jesus feeds a multitude with two small fish and five loaves. (St. John 6:5-9, 12)
1.  God will instruct you to do some things only to identify your level of obedience. (verse 6)
2.  Your manifestation is in your obedience.
3.  All Jesus need is a sample to set the supernatural in motion.
4.  Increase is in your obedience to “small” things.

E.  “Small” is only the beginning. (Job 8:7)

F.  The day (singular) of “small” things implies “small” should only be for a short span of time. (Zechariah 4:10a)
1.  Disobedience prolongs “small”.

Additional Scripture References
1.  Hebrews 5:8
2.  I Peter 4:10
3.  Acts 6:26-31
4.  II Kings 5:1-3
5.  St. John 6:5-9, 12
6.  Job 8:7
7.  Zechariah 4:10a

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