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03/30/2010 – “Obedience As A Master Key” II – Why Does it Seem so Difficult to Obey God?

When you make God priority, He can entrust you with “things”.




March 30 & 31, 2010


Obedience as a Master Key II
(Why Does it Seem so Difficult to Obey God?)
Pastor George M. Matthews, II


A. Jeremiah 1:5-10
B. Acts 10:34
C. St. Mark 11:22-23
D. I Kings 17:1-9

Supportive Text
Hebrews 12:9b

 1. Obedience is the willful submission and performance of assigned tasks, statutes or commandments.
 2. Hebrews 5:8
  a. You learn obedience from your experiences.
  b. Jesus learned obedience by the things He suffered.
 3. I Peter 4:10
  a. Obedience is following the instructions from the Lord regarding the special gifts He has given you.

B. Purpose:
 1. Purpose is the original intent of a thing as defined by the creator.

 2. There are four dimensions of purpose:
  a. How we are created.

 3. This speaks to our capacity; our capacity is based on our purpose.
  b. What is our divine assignment or the God-given desires of accomplishments?
  c. What is our stewardship of these gifts given for the purpose of fulfilling the assignment?
  d. Our position or where/how we are set by God to fulfill our function in the earth realm.

Obedience, as a master key, is the gateway to enjoying God’s absolute best in life. A surrendered will, by faith, is the ultimate weapon that causes one to prevail over problematic and difficult areas of obedience. This victory will transition you from a life of disobedience to a life of total fulfillment.

A. Your willful submission to the commands of the Lord is connected to a perpetual flow of wealth and prosperity.

B. Disciplining the flesh to obey is a grueling task without faith.

C. Your love for God is proven by your obedience to His commands.

I. The Obvious Benefits of Obedience as a Master Key

A. Willingness is the key to experiencing God’s best. (Isaiah 1:19)
 1. Willful obedience yields receiving God’s absolute best in life.
 2. The more of your flesh that is crucified, the more willing you will become.
 3. Obedience will ultimately lead you to wealth and prosperity. (Isaiah 1:19, The Living Bible)

B. Obedience is the key to fulfillment in life. (Job 36:11)
 1. Fulfillment is true satisfaction, achievement, contentment, comfort, happiness and acceptance.
 2. There is a connection between obedience and prosperity.
 3. Your obedience and service to God obligates God to fulfill your heart’s desire.

C. Obedience is the key to godly success. (Joshua 1:8)
 1.vYour success is not in the hands of God or other people.
 2. You will make your way successful to the degree you meditate on the Word.

D. Obedience is the key to satisfying God and receiving His benefits. (St. Matthew 6:33)
 1. When you make God priority, He can entrust you with “things”.
 2. If the “things” become your priority, the “things” will become your master and you will not seek God.

II. Keys to Obeying God
 A. The proof of your love for God is obedience. (St. John 14:15)
  1. St. John 14:23
   a. God no longer has to command the obedient follower; He leads with His Word.
   b. Obedient children can receive the thoughts of God in their spirits and execute His thoughts in the earth.

 B. Six problematic areas of obedience
  1. Un-surrendered areas in your life that clashes with the Word.
  2. Obedience to God places you at odds with the Word of God, the people of God, and those to whom you are seeking acceptance and approval.
  3. A low tolerance or no tolerance for short term, temporary discomforts.
   a. Tithing is a short term, temporary discomfort.
  4. Natural success is confused with true success that only God can bring.
  5. When entertaining or postponing the commands of God is an acceptable position. 
   a. Postponed, delayed obedience is still disobedience.
  6. When there is not a support group to sanction your decision to obey God.
   a. Often times, the support group follows the obedience.
   b. The Lord will encourage you when you obey.
   c. The question becomes: “what are you forfeiting by your disobedience”?

•Additional Scripture References 
1. Hebrews 5:8
2. I Peter 4:10
3. Isaiah 1:19, KJV & The Living Bible
4. Job 36:11
5. Joshua 1:8
6. St. Matthew 6:33
7. St. John 14:15
8. St. John 14:23




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