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04/13/2010 – “Obedience as a Master Key” IV – Understanding the Ingredients Necessary to Obey God Under Pressure


Faith for Completing Your Life’s Assignment

Tuesday in the Truth
April 13, 2010

Obedience as a Master Key IV
(Understanding the Ingredients Necessary to Obey God under Pressure)

Wednesday in the Word
April 14, 2010

Obedience as a Master Key IV
(Understanding the Ingredients Necessary to Obey God under Pressure)

A. Jeremiah 1:5-10
B. Acts 10:34, KJV & The Amplified Bible
C. St. Mark 11:22-23
D. I Kings 17:1-9
? Supportive Texts
a. Hebrews 12:9
b. I Corinthians 3:9

A. Obedience:
1. Obedience is the ability to hear; to listen; to pay attention; to do what one is told to do.
2. Obedience is the willful submission and performance of assigned tasks, statutes or commandments.
3. Hebrews 5:8
a. You learn obedience from your experiences.
b. Jesus learned obedience by the things He suffered.
4. I Peter 4:10
a. Obedience is following the instructions from the Lord regarding the special gifts He has given you.
B. Purpose:
1. Purpose is the original intent of a thing as defined by the creator.
2. There are four dimensions of purpose:
a. How we are created.
1. This speaks to our capacity; our capacity is based on our purpose.
b. What is our divine assignment or the God-given desires of accomplishments?
c. What is our stewardship of these gifts given for the purpose of fulfilling the assignment?
d. Our position or where/how we are set by God to fulfill our function in the earth realm.

I. Four Basic Requirements for Obedience
A. You must accept that Jesus is Lord over all. (Philippians 2:11)
B. You must be willing to obey God without full understanding of the “hows” (it’s very rare God will give you full disclosure). (St. Mark 4:26-27; Hebrews 11:8)
C. You must address every contrary mental argument and excuse for disobedience. (II Corinthians 10:3-5)
a. Strong holds are mental thoughts, images or pictures.
b. The believer’s weapon is the Word of God.
c. The study and subsequently the application of the Word is the job of the believer.
d. As you become skilled in obeying God, you will develop a readiness to obey God in more areas.
e. Jesus addresses every contrary thought with the Word of God. (St. Matthew 4:1-11)
D. You must understand the ingredients of and appropriate the necessary measure of grace to obey the will of God under pressure.
1. Jesus is pressured by the enemy to disobey the will of God. (St. Matthew 4:1-11)
a. Obedience to every Word is what we need to overcome pressures. (St. Matthew 4:4 & 11)
2. Three key ingredients to obeying God under pressure:
a. Pressure is the result of an imagined lost or fear of rejection brought into one’s life because of the decision to follow God in obedience.
1. You will never lose when you obey God.
b. God knows we live in a pressured environment and He has definite plans to turn things around for our good if we obey.
1. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were impervious to the pressures of the enemy. (Daniel 3:13-26).
2. Our obedience gives God permission to execute His plan to bring us out of any dilemma. (Romans 8:28; St. John 14:15)
c. The pressure point is the mind with regards to man’s thinking. (II Corinthians 10:3-5)
1. Whatever we make as an issue by perception can intimidate us from obeying the will of God.
2. Noah had to overcome pressure to build God an ark. (Hebrews 11:7)
a. Noah had to overcome the pressure of several things:
1. The fear of building a ship without knowledge of construction or navigation. This means that all impossibilities are overcome when you obey God.
2. The insurmountable task of capturing 2 of every living creature.
3. The overwhelming responsibility of ensuring he had one male and one female of every living creature.
4. The exhausting task of collecting somewhere between 35,000 to 75,000 different species.
5. The responsibility of calculating and storing enough water and food to adequately nourish everything and everyone on the ship for approximately 1 year. (Genesis 8)
b. Noah was able to obey and overcome these pressures because he understood:
1. That faith is produced by the Word.
2. That obedience causes the benefits of the Word to be seen and enjoyed by humans regardless of the circumstances.
c. Additional observations
1. God knows the spiritual laws that will override the natural laws.
2. In other words, God already knows; all He needs is our obedience. (St. John 6)
3. Our obedience reveals things not yet seen.
4. Obedience creates a need for manifestation.

? Additional Scripture References
1. Hebrews 5:8
2. I Peter 4:10
3. Philippians 2:11
4. St. Mark 4:26-27
5. Hebrews 11:8
6. II Corinthians 10:3-5
7. St. Matthew 4:1-11
8. Daniel 3:13-26
9. Romans 8:28
10. St. John 14:15
11. Hebrews 11:7
12. Genesis 8
13. St. John 6




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