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04/17/13 – “The Patriarchal Period” IX – Rich But Not Towards God



The Chronological Method of Bible Study


Tuesday in the Truth

April 16, 2013


The Patriarchal Period IX

(Being Rich Towards God)

Wednesday in the Word

April 17, 2013

The Patriarchal Period IX

(Rich But Not Towards God)




  1. For believers, the objective is to be led by the spirit of God and not the deceitfulness of riches, thereby we win every time.
    1. Ephesians 6:10-16
    2. I John 5:4
  2. Through the patriarch Abraham, we are able to regain the faith necessary to speak the Word which releases power to bring us back to God’s original plan for man.  (Scripture reference – Genesis 1:26-28)
  3. Hebrews 11:1-2[Emphasis verse 2]
    1. Through all his faith fallacies, Abram eventually obtained a good report.
    2. Obtain defined is a non-automatic retention or possession of that which God has provided for each of His children from the spiritual realm regardless of how things appear in the natural realm.



  1. Abraham did not start where he ended which implies our faith development is progressive.
    1. The calling of Abraham – Genesis 11:31-12:4; Joshua 24:3
    2. The commission of Abraham – Genesis 12:1-3; Zechariah 8:13
    3. The caution of Abram – Genesis 11:31-32
    4. Abram’s caravan
      1. After Terah dies, Abram moves and arrives in Canaan (his promised land).
      2. Abram sets up camp in Sichem and builds God an altar. (Genesis 12:6-7)
      3. The second altar that Abram builds for God he calls Beth-el (the House of God).  After leaving Egypt, he names the place of the altar El-Bethel (God of the House).
    5. Abram moves from walking with God by revelation to walking by a famine (natural reasoning). (Genesis 12:10)
      1. The famine dictated that Abram enter Egypt.  (Genesis 12:11-20)
  2. Abram turns to Egypt as his source.
    1. Isaiah 31:1-3
      1. Any source other than the Lord is the believer’s Egypt.
    2. Proverbs 3:5-6
      1. Acknowledging God is to follow the voice of God; to be governed by God’s decisions.
    3. St. Matthew 6:31-33
      1. Thoughts become ours when we take them (say or agree with them).  (verse 31)
      2. Our faith connects us to that which God finished in eternity past. (verse 32)
      3. God adds natural things to us when we comply with His system. (verse 33)


  1.          I.   Abram leaves Egypt rich but not towards God.
    1. Genesis 13:1-4
      1. Our missteps toward God impact everyone that we are connected with.  (verse 1)
      2. Abram returned back to the last place He heard from God.  (verses 3-4)
    2. St. Luke 12:15-21[Emphasis verse 21]
      1. Covetousness is a strong desire to possess something that belongs to another.
      2. Abram’s faith missteps were the result of the food he coveted in Egypt.
      3. God reserves the right to add to our life the things we need when we need it.
      4. The balance for believers is to lay up heavenly treasures and earthly (natural) treasures.
      5. Things are to satisfy the natural side of man. Only God can satisfy or fulfill the spiritual side of man. (verse 21)
    3. Abram grieves God and as a consequence God becomes silent.
      1. Grieve – to hurt, to bring pain, displease, sometimes vexed
      2. This is grief or pain associated with the missteps that take us from the presence of God.
      3. Grief on God’s behalf is a reminder of Adam’s missteps.  This is not grief by way of not knowing or surprise.
      4. God has always desired to lead man inwardly.
      5. God is grieved when man is led by any other circumstance other than His voice.
        1. Adam and God communicated by an inward voice when Adam named over 300,000 species.  (Scripture reference – Genesis 2:19)
        2. The voice of God is the manner in which believer’s are to be led.
        3. The grief of God validated in the scriptures
          1. Psalm 78:40
          2. Psalm 95:10
          3. St. Mark 3:1-5
    4. Abram weakened his faith by going into Egypt consequently making it easier to repeat the same sin.
      1. Exposure to certain sins makes it easier to repeat the same sin.
      2. Our deliverance or victory is in the word of God.

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