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05/09/2010 – “Overcoming Fear and Receiving God’s Best” I – Fear Not

Psalm 65:11 11Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness.


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May 9, 2010

Overcoming Fear and Receiving God’s Best I
(Fear Not)

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May 9, 2010

Overcoming Fear and Receiving God’s Best I
(Fear Not)

A. St. John 1:17, KJV & The Amplified Bible
B. Romans 5:1-2, KJV & The Amplified Bible
C. Romans 5:17 
D. Galatians 2:21
• Supportive Texts
a. Ephesians 3:20, KJV & The Amplified Bible
b. I Corinthians 3:10, The Amplified Bible
c. St. John 10:10, KJV & The Amplified Bible

GRACE: Free favor; mercy from God demonstrated in the lives of believers to accomplish supernatural feats; to benefit; to enhance; to enrich; to distinguish with honor; to make unlike; to honor; to set off; to advantage another; a special endowment for your task/life – (I Corinthians 3:10, The Amplified Bible); the ability to supernaturally accomplish tasks
1. Grace is having the advantage in life.
FRUSTRATE: To set aside, to disesteem, to neutralize or violate, to cast off, despised, disannul, to bring to naught or reject

A. Five Basic Categories of Relationships
1. Business relationships  
2. Casual relationships – relationships with associates
3. Friendships
4. Domestic relationships or marital relationships
5. Kingdom relationships – once you are born again, this is the relationship between the King, His prophets and the people.
B. Dysfunction in Relationships Defined
1. A dysfunctional relationship is any relationship not operating according to its created purpose.
2. When anything does not function according to purpose, maximum fulfillment is not possible.
3. Example of dysfunction in the scripture: (Acts 9:1-5)
a. Dysfunction is attempting to go against the way of the Lord; resisting the system of God. (verse 4)
1. An individual can never operate functionally until they know the Lord.
b. Functionality is knowing the Lord and what He has assigned you to do. (verse 5)
1. When you understand the Lordship of God, you understand God changes things supernaturally.
2. The power of God is released through His words.
I. Why Believe the Promises of God?  (Obeying the promises of God is speaking the word of God to the problems.  In other words, you cannot believe the Word if you are not speaking the Word)
• St. Mark 11:22-23
1. The faith of God operates by speaking.
2. How you use your faith will determine the results you will have.
3. An obedient believer addresses the “mountains” with the Word.
A. The word of God is concrete and certain. (I Kings 8:56)
B. The promises of God are completed by His ability. (II Corinthian 1:20, KJV & God’s Word Bible Translation)
1. Philemon 1:6 
a. The catalyst to your faith working is acknowledging only the good things.  Speaking about the problem cancels faith.
2. Job acknowledges the wrong things because of fear. (Job 3:25; Job 6:23-25)
a. Fear and speaking doubt attracts Satan.  In other words, the enemy will attack in the area of your greatest fear.
II. The word of God will only be obeyed (spoken instead of agreeing with the situation) to the degree that fear is overruled.  (You will never speak the Word until you overrule fear)
• Fear in the realm of darkness is everything faith is in the kingdom of light.
• There are two opposing kingdoms; one needs faith to operate, the other needs fear.
• The enemy attempts to cause you to operate in fear because he knows fear cancels faith.
A. Abram conquers fear by acknowledging the sovereignty of God. (Genesis 15:1-2)
1. Abram understands that “Lord God” in Hebrew is “Adonai”.
a. The “Lord” is sovereign; the sustainer of life and the universe.
b. You will walk in fear when you do not know the “Lord” is sovereign.
c. The token of Abram’s promise being fulfilled is the same token of our promises of God being fulfilled which is His Word.
2. Abram understands that “Lord God” is also Master and Owner. 
3. Abram understands God expects his obedience.
4. Abram yields to the Lord, trusting Him completely and obeying His commands.
5. Is the Lord the Master of your life?
a. Have you surrendered everything to Him?
b. Is He truly your Adonai?
III. The Lord can only become such (Lord God, Sovereign Master) when fear is removed.
A. Fear is to doubt or wonder whether the system of faith will work for you; and God must get you to the place of “full assurance”.
B. God “made” Abraham a father in another realm.  (Romans 4:17-21, KJV & the Message Bible)
1. In the beginning, God created two realms; and Abram was made a father in the heavenly realm.  (Genesis 1:1)
1. We must learn how the system of faith operates to make transfers from the heavenly realm to the earth.
2. For example, check writing is honoring a system of withdrawing currency from one realm to another.
3. Faith is believing God’s Word can make something out of nothing.  In other words, God’s Word carries enough power to change things.
C. God tells Abram to “fear not” in Genesis 15:1-2 because he had just come out of a battle.
1. Abram will overcome fear because he understands that God is his shield and reward.
a. A shield is a type of the Word.
1. A shield is used as a protector and a defense: the Word shield is your protector and defense.
2. A shield is placed in front of the soldier: the Word shield is placed in front of adverse situations.
3. A shield is held close: the Word shield is held close to you signifying God is close.
4. A shield is an object of sacrifice because it is typically made from dried animal skins: the Word shield is a type of Jesus Christ sacrifice.
b. Reward: the payment of a contract; salary; compensation; a reward follows an action or a work that has taken place.  In other words, your reward comes after your confessions.
IV. Other “Fear Not” in the Scriptures
A. Genesis 21:17
B. Genesis 26:24
C. Genesis 35:17
D. Genesis 43:23
E. Genesis 46:3
F. Genesis 50:19-20
G. Genesis 26:24
H. Isaiah 43:1-3
I. I Kings 17:13
J. Philippians 4:19
K. II Kings 6:16
L. Isaiah 41:10
M. St. Matthew 10:30-31
N. Revelation 1:17-18
V. Encouragement for Mothers from II Samuel 9:1-10
A. II Samuel 9:1-10
1. Four dysfunctionalities of Mephibosheth who is from the lineage of Saul:
a. Mephibosheth nurse maid is running from an assassin: Satan attempts to assassinate the purposes of your children. 
b. Mephibosheth lives in Lodebar, a place where nothing will grow:  there are times when it appears the vision God has given you for your children will not come to fruition.
c. Mephibosheth was dropped on his head:  at times, it may seem that your children have abandoned their purposes.
d. Mephibosheth is lame on his feet:  at times, it may appear your children’s purposes in life have been handicapped.
2. Mephibosheth is called for by King David: because of you mothers, as believers, your children are in the King of King’s family.
3. As mothers, God takes responsibility for everything that concerns you. Your children can find a resting place in Jesus.
4. If you will “fear not” and believe the sovereignty of God, you can walk in confidence that your children are under the auspices and care of the Lord.

• Additional Scripture References

1. Acts 9:1-5
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