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06/09/2010 – “Obedience and Disobedience” IV – Understanding Purpose

Faith for Completing Your Life’s Assignment
Wednesday in the Word
June 9, 2010

Obedience and Disobedience IV
(Understanding Purpose)

• Obedience is the fundamental lesson of the Kingdom. 
• The rules of operation that govern the Kingdom are different from the rules of the world and are only revealed through our obedience.
• Obedience is the primary lesson every believer must learn and operate in to enjoy the benefits of the Kingdom.
• Obedience brings us into the purpose of God for our lives.
• Success and fulfillment come as purpose is unveiled. 
a. Isaiah 55:6-8
1. The Kingdom comes to change how you think and subsequently how you operate.
2. Salvation brings you into the Kingdom by a confession but it does not change you. (Romans 10:8-10)
3. Your operation and success in the Kingdom is based on your confessions.
4. Obedience is the bridge to changing your thoughts and ways to line up with God’s. 
5. When your thoughts change, your ways will also change.

A. Obedience:
1. Obedience is the ability to hear; to listen; to pay attention; to do what one is instructed to do.
2. Obedience is the willful submission and performance of assigned tasks, statutes or commandments.
3. Obedience defined…submissive; yielding; accepting; going along with; consent; non opposition.
B. Disobedience
1. Disobedience defined…unwilling; a refusal; to turn one’s back on; to turn a deaf ear to.
C. Isaiah 1:19-20

I. Understanding Purpose  
A. Living out purpose glories the Father. (St. Matthew 5:16)
1. Purpose is God requesting man’s assistance in governing the affairs of the earth. (Ezekiel 22:30)
a. The assistance that God is seeking defines our purpose in life.
2. Humans have a need for clear direction that can only come from God. (Romans 10:3)
a. Instructions from God bring about fulfillment in life.
b. If you do not receive instructions from God, you will set your own standards.
c. God speaks to your purpose through the local church He has assigned you to.
d. The church, therefore, should be the center of your life.
3. Purpose will only be fulfilled in us to the degree that God becomes the Lord of all.
a. Adonai, Hebrew for Lord, is the Creator, Master of all.
b. When you confess God as Lord, you make Him Master over your life.  He now reserves the right to speak to every issue in your life.  (Romans 10:8-10)
c. Purpose can never be revealed until you make Jesus Lord over your life.
B. Purpose is the key to fulfillment and must never be underestimated.
• Fulfillment is an inner peace or resolve.
1. Purpose is the key to fulfillment in the earth realm.
2. Purpose is the glue for healthy and productive long term relationships.
3. Purpose liberates! from bondage and religion.
4. Purpose produces insight to avoid distractions from the agendas of others.
C. Purpose can be identified by the following indicators:
• Ephesians 2:10 (KJV & The Amplified Bible)
a. Obedience is the route to the good life God has prearranged.
• I Corinthians 12:18
1. God knows the purpose for which you were created.  He assigns you to a local church to reveal purpose.
1. Indicators of purpose:
a. What has God said?
b. What has been the work of God in your ancestry, family? (Psalm 68:6)
c. What is the compelling desire of your heart?
d. What is the mantle of spiritual authority that you are under?
1. Acts 16:6-10
2. Follow the leader! Do not allow distractions to cause you to lose focus.
3. Out of your spiritual leader’s anointing you receive direction.
• The entire Bible is based on the premise that God speaks, the people hear and obey.
• Your obedience gives God the opportunity to prove His love for you.



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