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06/15/2010 – “Faith and Patience” I – Introduction

Faith for Completing Your Life’s Assignment
Wednesday in the Word
June 16, 2010

Faith and Patience I

1.Faith begins where the will of God is known.
2.Faith always declares the end from the beginning.
3.Faith is of the quality that it receives the word of God as true regardless of what is perceived by the senses.  In other words, waiting is not an issue once you “receive it” – the promise by faith.

•God pronounces in the spirit realm an assignment for every believer’s life. 
1.Samson (Judges 13)
2.Samuel (I Samuel 1:17-19)
3.Paul (Galatians 1:15)
4.Jesus (St. Matthew 1:18)
5.John the Baptist (St. Luke 1:15-17)
a.Hebrews 12:9
b.Acts 10:34


A.Jeremiah 1:5-10
1.God has already established a purpose and plan for each believer’s life and He can perform it only when we are speaking in line with the Word.
2.Jeremiah was ordained a prophet before he was born. (verse 5)
3.The more you hear the Word, the more your assignment unfolds.
4.God cannot bring Jeremiah’s assignment to pass until he speaks in line with the word of God.  (verse 7a)
5.God will not move beyond His word.  In other words, faith begins where the will of God is known.
6.To have success in life God’s way, we must speak the word of God. (verse 7b)
7.What Jeremiah’s says out of his mouth will impact God’s ability to perform. (verse 9)

B.St. Mark 11:12-14, 20-23
1.Confessions establish your faith.  Faith is the great confession.
2.Jesus spoke “it” and “it” was established. (verse 14)
3.Patience plays a critical role in the faith process.

C.Hebrews 4:1-3
1.Rest is being in a position of patience.
2.Patience defined… composure; poise; self-control, quiet; stillness; even temperness.

A.Faith is that which reverses the effects of the fall of Adam.
1.The fall of Adam relegated humankind to walking by the senses rather than walking by the word of God.
a.Genesis 3:6-7
1.Your senses can move you from the word of God.
2.Obedience is operating by the Word.
b.Genesis 2:10-12
1.As long as Adam was walking by the Word, he experienced abundance.
2.God planned for man to experience the abundant life from the beginning.
c.II Corinthians 4:17
1.The development of your faith determines the “moment” of your afflictions.
2.Circumstances come to rob you of your faith.
d.Romans 10:17
1.Faith is produced by the word of God. 
2.Faith is the word of God. 
3.The word of God and faith are synonymous terms.

2.The Original State of Man – How Man was Suppose to Operate
a.Genesis 1:26
1.Image is your imagination.  In order for your faith to work, God must teach you how to use your imagination.
2.The image and likeness of man constitutes the “divine nature” of God.
3.God operates by His imagination to bring things into reality.  He created man to operate the same way.
4.Faith develops a picture of the word of God on the inside of you.
5.Faith moves the word from an image to a likeness.
b.II Peter 1:2-4
1.God gives a promise, the Word, and that Word becomes a thing; this is His “divine nature”.
2.God can do nothing in your life until there’s an image on the inside of you.
3.By our words, we become partakers of God’s “divine nature”.
a.Likeness: the ability to exercise faith through spoken words just like God.
b.My understanding that words are containers of the faith of God.  The words of God are carriers of God’s power to change circumstances and situations.  Therefore, faith is an intangible.
c.Ezekiel 12:25
1.When you speak the word, something immediately happens in your “image maker” although you are not able to see it.
2.The word of God is fuel for your spirit.
c.Dabar, Hebrew for word, has a dual meaning: 1) word and 2) thing.
1.When God speaks intangible words they become things.
2.As partakers of God’s “divine nature”, we speak His word to make things.
d.Hebrews 11:3
1.Invisible things – words, create the visible.
e.Psalm 33:6-9 
1.God’s words became things.
2.We are under a covenant of “dabar”; our words become things. 
3.Your mouth is the production center of your life.
4.Your words become established in the spiritual realm.


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