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06/27/12 – “The Creation Stage” I




Tuesday in the Truth

June 26, 2012


The Creation Stage I


Wednesday in the Word

June 27, 2012

The Creation Stage I




  1. The significance of the Word from God’s perspective
    1. Psalm 119:104-107
      1. The word of God is referenced in Psalm 119 as the law of the Lord, thy testimonies, thy ways, thy precepts, thy statues, thy commandments and judgments.
    2. You can only understand the things of the Kingdom through faith.
      1. Hebrews 11:3
      2. Psalm 16:11
        1. The word of God reveals your path progressively, as you continue in the Word.  (Scripture reference – Proverbs 4:18; St. John 8:31-32)
        2. The word of God is the instrument through which we connect to our true potential.
      3. II Corinthians  4:16-18
    3. We are spiritual beings that see things spiritually (revealing our true potential).
    4. If you can see it, it can be changed.
    5. Faith cannot exist where the will of God is not known.
  2. There are 12 periods or stages that comprise the Bible.  Nine of the stages are in the Old Testament and three stages are in the New Testament.
    1. Stages 1-12
      1. 1-Creation, 2-Patriarchal, 3-Exodus, 4-Conquest, 5-Judges, 6-United Kingdom, 7-Chaotic Kingdom, 8-Captivity, 9-Return, 10-Gospel , 11-The Early Church Stage, 12- Epistle Stage
  3. The Creation Stage
    1. Chapters covered in this stage: Genesis 1-11
      1. These 11 chapters are absolutely vital to rightly understanding the remaining 1178 chapters of the Bible.   If one accepts them for face value, he will have no difficulty concerning the rest of the Old and New Testaments.
    2. Three main characters in the creation stage:
      1. Adam
      2. Enoch
      3. Noah
    3. Four  main events in the creation stage:
      1. The creation of the universe
      2. The fall of humankind (Adam fell from revelation to discovery )
      3. The universal  flood
      4. The building of the tower of Babel
    4. The creation includes how God created everything.
    5. In the creation stage you will find the only time where God rest (Genesis 2)
    6. The first human and how he was created (Adam) – 1:26
    7. The first human to be born (Cain) –  4:1
      1. There is a stark difference between being made and created: made (to be developed from other existing material); and created (to be made from God’s word)
    8. 7 days of creation including the 7th day of rest
      1. Links to other 7th ‘s of the world and universe that prove the perfection of God : 7 known continents, 7 oceans of the world, 7 colors in the spectrum of the rainbow, 7 days of the week, 7 notes in a scale, 7 stars in the Big Dipper, 7 objects are visible to the naked eye in the solar system, 7 digits in a row are proven to be man’s capacity to memorize digits, 7 metals upon which civilization was founded
    9. Records the first man to die (Abel) –  4:8
    10. Records the first man not to die (Enoch was translated to heaven because he pleased God) – 5:24
    11. Introduced to a serpent, a raven and a dove which points to the New Testament – 3:1; 7:1; 8
    12. The glory of God in creation –  1:1
    13. The grace of God in salvation – 6:8
    14. The world’s earliest civilization (the Canaanites) – 4:17
    15. The oldest citizen (Methuselah) – 5:27
    16. The first marriage – 2:23-25
    17. The first murder  (Cain kills his brother Abel) – 4:8
    18. The first promise of the Messiah – 3:15
    19. The first illustration of human religion (Adam and Eve’s attempt to cover their naked with fig leaves) – 3:7 (God wants relationship with us not religion).
    20. The first example of divine redemption – 3:21
    21. Sinners are drowned and a saint is drunken  (Noah inebriated ) – 7:21; 9:20-21
    22. A ship (Noah’s ark) is built with scrap boards and pitched with slime and settles on a mountain – 8:4
    23. A tower is built on a plain – 11:1-4
  4. The creation of all things – (Expounding on Genesis 1:1 1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.)
    1. God is revealed as the Creator – 1:2
    2. The first mention of the Blessed Trinity – 1:26
      1. God as Father, Son and the Holy Spirit with each having a separate and distinct function
    3. Genesis 1:1is comprised of ten words in English.  But in the original Hebrew there are only 7 words that make up this sentence.
      1. Number of letters in the original Hebrew is 28
      2. God, heaven and earth are comprised of 14 letters that make up the subject and objects of the sentence
      3. The remaining letters in the verse are 14
    4. From Genesis 1, there is a scientific truth [confirmed by physicist in the 21 Century] that proves that 3 components (time, space, and matter) make up the universe.
      1. In the beginning – time
      2. Heaven – space
      3. Earth – matter
    5. In Genesis 2, the heaven takes on a plural form.
      1. There are three heavens:
        1. First heaven – the home of birds and clouds (Daniel 4:12; St. Matthew 6:26)
        2. Second heaven –  sun, moon and stars (Psalm 19:1)
        3. Third heaven – home of angels and departed believers (II Corinthians 12:2)
      2. Two important facts about Genesis 1:1
        1. It summarizes what God has done
        2. It refutes others beliefs and philosophies (Genesis 1:2-2:25):
          1. Atheism
          2. Polytheism
          3. Evolution
          4. Pantheism
          5. Materialism
          6. Fatalism

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