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06/27/2010 – “Grace to Receive the Lord God” I – Our Provisions are not Limited by our Circumstances

Psalm 65:11 Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness.


Grace to Receive the Lord God I
(Our Provisions are not Limited by our Circumstances)

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June 27, 2010

1.God’s creative power is in His word.
2.The word is how God creates and He gives us the power, by speaking His word, to do what He does.
3.When you understand grace and the ability of God, you will no longer focus on your circumstances.

A.Abram gains concept of the “LORD God”.
•Genesis 15:1-7
1.Genesis 15:1- Fear not Abram.
a.The Bible describes two types of fears:
1.Fear of the circumstances: making the situation or circumstances larger than God; elevating the circumstances over the creative power of God.
2.Fear of the Lord: this is reverential fear: respecting the creative power of God more than the circumstances; magnifying the Lord, as Adonai, over any negative circumstance or situation.
b.Fear of the circumstances will cause you to live in the problem; fear of the Lord will cause you to live in the promise.
c.Abram possesses the fear of the Lord rather than the fear of the circumstances.
2.Genesis 15:2 – Abram said “LORD God”.
a.LORD God in the Hebrew is Adonai:  Sovereign Ruler and Master; Creator.
b.Abram gains concept of God as the Creator – the Lord that created the universe with His word.
3.Genesis 15:5-6 – God instructs Abram to look at what He has created.
a.Abram understood the LORD God and changed his name.
b.What are you calling yourself; are you saying what you see; are you living in the problem or the promise?

B.The Creative Power of God in Genesis 1
1.Genesis 1:1-2
a.God cast Satan from heaven and he falls into the earth corrupting it. (Isaiah 14:12-16, Jeremiah 4, Ezekiel 28)
2.Genesis 1:3-5, 14-19
a.God create and change things with His word. (Ecclesiastes 8:4)
b.Light on the first day came from the heavenly realm to the earth. 
c.God created two realms (heaven and earth) from the beginning.
d.God has already created everything you will ever need in another realm.  You make the transfer by speaking His word.
e.Speaking the Word gives God permission to become involved in your circumstances. (Isaiah 45:11-13, 18, Isaiah 55:6-11)
3.Genesis 1:6-13, 20-25
a.God’s word created the sun, moon and stars; His word separated the night from day; His word caused the water to produce fish and birds; His word separated the water from the dry land; His word brought forth grass and trees.
b.“And it was good” only came when God said…
c.Dabar, a Hebrew word, has a dual meaning: 1) thing and 2) word.  In other words, whenever God speaks His word, His word become things.
d.There is enough power in the Word to change any problem to a solution.
e.God’s word releases a force in the spirit.
4.Genesis 1:26
a.God spoke man in the spiritual realm in Genesis 1:26; man is not formed in the natural realm until Genesis 2:7
b.God spoke man into existence from the dust/dirt of the earth.
c.Dirt becoming an intellectual reasoning man embodies the creative power of Adonai.
d.As absolute owner of all, Adonai can place His creative ability wherever He chooses: moving creatures, the waters, healing in His word (Exodus 15:26); Peter’s shadow.

A.Understanding grace to receive the “LORD God”.
1.Grace defined…Free favor; mercy from God demonstrated in the lives of believers to accomplish supernatural feats; to benefit; to enhance; to enrich; to distinguish with honor; to make unlike; to honor; to set off; to advantage another; a special endowment for your task/life – (I Corinthians 3:10, The Amplified Bible); the ability to supernaturally accomplish tasks; grace is having the advantage in life.
2.Acts 20:32 – The grace of God is in His word and will build you up.
3.Hebrew 4:16 – The “LORD God” through His word provides grace that will help you.
4.Romans 4:16 – The same faith of Abraham will work for you as heirs.
5.Galatians 2:21
a.Frustrated grace is when you do not understand that the Lord is your shepherd.
b.Psalm 23:1 – A revelation of the Lord God relieves you of wants.

B.Gaining more understanding of the phrase “LORD God”.
1.The phrase “LORD God” is first mentioned in Genesis 2:4.
2.In Genesis 2 & 3, “LORD God “is mentioned over 20 times.
3.“LORD God” or Adonai is also Yahweh or Jehovah in Hebrew.  Although the pronunciation is debatable, Yahweh or Jehovah carries the following meanings:
a.The Lord is the undisputed owner of all property.
b.Yahweh/Jehovah is an inexhaustible name.  This carries the idea that God is timeless, self-sufficient.
c.The Lord God is a provider.  As a provider, He can use anything He wants to bring provisions to you.
1.For Elijah, He used ravens (I Kings 17).
2.For Peter, He used a fish to pay His taxes (St. Matthew 17).
3.For Balaam, He used a donkey to speak His message (Numbers 23).

C.Our provisions are only limited by the ability of God. (If God has no limits and He does not, then you have no limits)
1.Philippians 4:19
2.I Corinthians 15:10
a.Your understanding of grace defines who you are.
b.Grace will cause you to become in the natural realm what you are in the spiritual realm.
3.II Corinthians 5:7
4.II Corinthians 5:17 – God recreates by His word.
5.Psalm 33:6-9

D.Steps to seeing grace released through faith:
1.God’s Word must be studied an applied to your life.  (Psalm 119:11-12)
2.Guard your tongue. (Psalm 39:1)
3.You must become spiritual or spirit ruled.  (Romans 8:1-14)
4.Avoid evil companions.  (I Timothy 5:22)
5.Confess your sins daily (this keeps you sensitive to the spirit realm).  (I John 1:8-9)
6.Walk in love, regardless.  (I Peter 4:8)
7.Invest personal time in prayer.  (I John 2:1-2)
8.Allow the Holy Spirit to control your life.  (Ephesians 5:18)



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