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07/04/2010 – “Grace to Receive the Lord God” II – Grace’s Key Ingredients

Psalm 65:11 Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness.


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July 4, 2010

Grace to Receive the Lord God II
(Grace’s Key Ingredients)


.Abram believed in the “LORD God”.
1.Genesis 15:1-7
a.LORD God in the Hebrew is Adonai: the God of nature, the God who has created all; the undisputed owner of all; this name carries the idea of timeless.
b.When you speak the word of Adonai, you enable grace to come upon you.
c.Genesis 15:5 – God convinces Abram He is changing his situation.
d.To become convinced is to become fully persuaded. (Romans 4)
e.God instructs Abram to look at the stars – what He has already created.
f.Abram uses God’s word to change his situation – Abram and Sarai’s challenge with producing the son God promised.
2.I Corinthians 15:10
a.Knowledge of the grace of God enables you to become who God created.
3.Galatians 2:2121I do not frustrate the grace of God:

B.The Creative Power of God in Genesis 1
1.Genesis 1:1-3, 6, 9, 11, 14-16, 20-24
a.God cast Satan from heaven and he falls into the earth corrupting it. (Isaiah 14:12-16, Jeremiah 4, Ezekiel 28)
b.God created two realms (heaven and earth) from the beginning.  God watches both realms at the same time.
c.The Spirit of the Lord moves or hovers over the earth; God’s Spirit also hovers over the believer’s challenges; however, the Spirit cannot move until you speak the word of Adonai.
d.Words from Adonai cannot lie; using those words is called grace – grace to receive the LORD God (his Lordship) on you.  (Numbers 23:19, Titus 1:2, Isaiah 55)
e.God establishes He is Adonai – the LORD God of creation.
f.With His word, God creates the day and the night, separates the water from the dry land, creates the sun and the moon, the grass and the fruit bearing trees, the sea creatures and the birds, the cattle and the creeping things, and man in His image.  This is the power of the spoken Word.
2.Genesis 2:7
a.God made man to be another speaking spirit just like Adonai.
3.I John 4:17
a.Man should have boldness (the grace of the Lord) in the day of adversity just like God in Genesis 1.
A.The concept of grace works by understanding the power of the word of Adonai.
1.Abram understood the concept of grace indicative by the phrase “LORD God”.  (Genesis 15:2)
2.Psalm 119:11-12
a.A working knowledge or usage of the Word will change your life.
3.Proverbs 4:20-23
a.Seeing, hearing and saying the word of God are the gateways to planting the Word in your heart.  Once the Word is in your heart, it must be guarded.
4.Psalm 33:4-9, 12
a.The word of the Lord makes wrong situations right.
b.Truth is the word of the Lord (St. John 17:17) and all His works are completed by the word.
5.Psalm 23:1 (KJV & The Amplified Bible)
a.The key to eradicating lack is gaining concept of Adonai as your shepherd.
b.If you truly know who God is, you will never lack.
•Additional points to understanding grace and the power of the word of Adonai:
a.Psalm 24:1
1.If God word’s is powerful enough to create in Genesis 1, then the Word is also powerful enough to change your life when you speak it.
b.The proof that you understand the Lordship of God is you will begin to call those things that are not in the natural realm as though they are.  For example, Abram changed his name before he became a father in the natural realm.
c.LORD God or Adonai is also Yahweh or Jehovah in Hebrew.  Regardless of the pronunciation and the commonality of its usage, LORD God is an inexhaustible name; timeless; self sufficient; a provider.
d.Yahweh or Jehovah is made from three tenses of the verb “to be” (God’s word will cause it to be).
1.Yehi – He will be
2.Have – being
3.Hahya – He was
4.Combined these three tenses literally mean: He is; He will be; He is being know.

B.5 Key Ingredients to Grace
God’s grace:
1.Enables you to cope with life’s challenges/trials.
2.Energizes you when you are discouraged.
3.Excites you when you are tempted to be bored.
4.Equips you to be like Jesus and have victory in your daily walk.
5.Exhorts you to use the liberties that you have by the Word.

C.The Key Ingredient to a Victorious Life (the key to several Bible characters victories)
•Romans 15:4
a.I Samuel 17:45-46
1.David defeats Goliath in the name of Adonai, the name of the LORD.
2.The key to victory is releasing the word of Adonai to “Goliaths” in your life.
3 .A revelation of Adonai changes David’s approach.
4.Like David, when believers gain concept of the power of Adonai, we approach “Goliaths” in our life with boldness.
a.Joshua 1:1-9 (emphasis verse 1:9)
b.Joshua 5:13 – 6:1-2 (emphasis verses 5:14 and 6:2)
1.Joshua had the word of Adonai coming out of his mouth.
2.You fight battles with the word of Adonai.
3.When you meditate on the word of Adonai, you are able to “see” victory by the power of the Word.
4.Worshipping and speaking the word of Adonai release the power in the name.


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