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07/11/12 – “The Creation Stage” II – The Established Heart




Tuesday in the Truth

July 10, 2012


The Creation Stage II

(Genesis 1:2)


Wednesday in the Word

July 11, 2012

The Creation Stage II

(The Established Heart)



  1. The significance of the Word from God’s perspective
    1. Psalm 119:107-110
      1. The word of God is referenced in Psalm 119 as the law of the Lord, thy testimonies, thy ways, thy precepts, thy statues, thy commandments and judgments.
  2. The power of the word of God
    1. Genesis 2:15, 19
      1. God gave Adam His word as the weapon to defend the garden against any beast, intruder and even Satan.
      2. The word of God is our weapon for and against any assault.
    2. The word of God may not manifest in your life every day.  In other words, something opposite of what you have been confessing may show up.
    3. When alternate circumstance show, do not change (err) from the word of God.  This is the walk of faith.
      1. St. Matthew 22:29
        1. The scriptures (the word of God) contain the power of God.
        2. God displays His power through His word.
      2. St. John 6:63
        1. The words of God are spirit and life.
        2. In other words, God’s word produces things in the natural realm.


  1.          I.            The Creation Stage
    1. The 6 days of creation
      1. Day one – the creation of light (not the sun, moon, stars light), but the light of revelation that came from God.
        1. Genesis 1:2-5
          1. St. John 1:1-5
            1. Darkness is the absence of God’s word for your life.
            2. Verse 2-3
              1. The Holy Spirit moved.  Moved means to vibrate.  In other words, when God spoke, vibrating energy source begin to flow in the universe.
              2. The benefits of energy or speaking the word of God (to any mountain)
                1. Through energy the earth rotates on its invisible axis
                2. With energy and matter combined, we have space and time
                3. Three types of energy:
                  1. Gravitational energy  – the force between two objects
                  2. Electromagnetic energy – the force between the electron and the nucleus of an atom
                  3. Nuclear energy – the force between the proton and neutron within the atom
                  4. The Holy Spirit is the empowerment of the Word spoken.
      2. Day two – God’s word separates water
        1. Genesis 1:6-8
          1. Regular land based water (oceans, rivers, and lake beds)
          2. Atmospheric water in the form of vapors
  2.         II.            The established heart
    1. Psalm 112: 1-10
      1. The objective of the word of God is to cause the believer’s heart to be fixed, firm and established.
      2. The word of God must become your theme to establish the heart (core) of the believer.
      3. Storms in life will come. The objective of an established heart is to ground the believer to stand when turbulent situation arise in life.
      4. We are like the palm tree, we may bend but we will not break.
      5. An establish heart does not walk in fear.
    2. Hebrews 13:5, The Amplified Bible
      1. Joseph’s heart was established with the word of God all the way from the pit to the palace.
      2. Why lose your heart if you believe God already has a plan for your life.
      3. My [emotional] heart is fixed in all areas in life.
    3. Ephesians 4:13-15
      1. When your heart is fixed, you will not be tossed to and fro.
      2. Storms come to measure your growth.
  3.       III.            Three ingredients to having an established heart and the light of God.
    1. Proverbs 24:3-4
      1. Stage 1 – Knowledge = information or data from God
        1. The Bible alone will not move the mountain.
      2. Stage 2 – Understanding = comprehension (you begin to see it)
        1. You must gain an understanding of the Word by an anointed teacher.
      3. Stage 3 – Wisdom = application
        1. Without an understanding of the Word, you can not apply the Word for change in your life.

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