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07/18/2010 – “Grace to Receive the Lord God” IV – Knowing the Ability of the LORD

Psalm 65:11 Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness.


Grace to Receive the Lord God IV
(Knowing the Ability of the LORD)
July 18, 2010


A. The Bible is written for our learning and for our example.
B. Whatever God does for the characters in the bible, we can do by the usage of our faith.
C. The Bible is unprofitable unless you can find yourself or your situations in it.
D. The Bible is a book of victories.
E. God is a deliverer when you embrace the principles of the Bible not just the person of Christ.
1. Romans 15:4
2. St. Matthew 11:28-29
3. St. Luke 4:15-21

A. Grace – God’s advantage to function in life.
1. Galatians 2:21
2. I Corinthians 15:10
a. A revelation of the grace of God moves you into a higher level of manifestation.
b. The grace of God is given to function in life at a higher level.
3. I Corinthians 3:10
c. Grace is given to function according to purpose.

B. “LORD God” or Adonai in Hebrew.
1. The LORD is the undisputed owner of all property.
2. The LORD is the creator of all, owns all, and can do all, the God of no limitations
3. Yahweh/Jehovah is an inexhaustible name.  This carries the idea that God is timeless, self-sufficient.
4. The LORD God is a provider.  As a provider, He can use anything He wants to bring provisions to you.
a. For Elijah, He used ravens (I Kings 17).
b. For Peter, He used a fish to pay His taxes (St. Matthew 17).
c. For Balaam, He used a donkey to speak His message (Numbers 23).

A. In light of God’s creative work in Genesis 1, believing His ability through His word should not be difficult.
B. Not knowing the Lord as Adonai will cause the problems to be bigger than Him.
C. If you know Adonai, you understand God becomes LORD when you exchange His words for your words.
D. Until we accept His words, He only exists as God.
E. Man was designed to live without ceilings and limitations.
F. Everything in the universe responds to the words of Adonai.
G. The ability of God will never fully be discovered.

A. Abram gains concept of the LORD God.  (Genesis 15:1-7)
B. The LORD God is the Creator of all things.  (Genesis 1)
a. God creates in Genesis 1 by the power of the spoken word. 
b. The Hebrew word, dabar which means both word and thing, helps to explain this process.  In other words, the words that God speak become things.

I. Knowing the LORD
A. Jesus uses the words of Adonai to defeat the enemy.  (St. Matthew 4:1-11)
B. You magnify Adonai by making His words larger than any problem or situation you face.  (Psalm 35:27; Psalm 34:3)
C. You make commands when you know Him as Adonai.
1. St. John 15:4, 7
a. When you 1) abide in Him, 2) His words abide in you, 3) you will ask what you will or make commands.  (Genesis 1, St. Mark 11:23)
2. St. John 1:11
3. St. John 8:31-32
a. The Word is the truth.  (St. John 17:17)
b. The Jews were already believers; however, no change occurred until they made Him LORD.
c. Indeed in verse 31 emphasize results.
d. When you employ His word, you also employ His power.
D. You moved from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light when you made Him LORD.  (Romans 10:8-10)
a. When you confess Him as LORD over your sins, the LORD will take your sins and give you salvation.
b. This process works for all the principles of the Bible.
c. Confess is to acknowledge a covenant; to give thanks for the promise.
d. You give Him command by saying His word.  When you acknowledge Him as LORD, He takes over the situation.
E. His words must be in you to make Him LORD.
1. Proverbs 4:18-24
a. God was able to command light in Genesis 1 because light was in Him.
b. Knowing God as LORD provided comfort and help to Pastor during a difficult season in ministry.
2. Psalm 45:1
3. Proverbs 18:21 
F. The power of the LORD in naturally impossible situations.
1. Genesis 18:13-14
2.     Even death is not too hard for the LORD:
a. The damsel in St. Mark 5:40-42
b. The son of a widow woman in Nain in St. Luke 7
c. Lazarus
d. Jesus Himself

G. The Lordship of God in Acts 17: 23-28
1. He is the creator of all things.  (verse 24)
2. He has universal ability.  (verse 26)
3. He made all men with no prototype.  (verse 26)
4. He planned man’s scope of operation while on the earth.  (verse 26)
5. He knew from the beginning that man would need salvation. (verse 27)
6. He’s omnipresent.  (verse 27)
7. He is the source of all life.  (verse 28)
8. He is alive.  (verse 28)


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