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07/25/12 – “The Creation Stage” III – Genesis Chapter 1 Completion




Tuesday in the Truth

July 24, 2012


The Creation Stage III

(Genesis Chapter 1 Completion)


Wednesday in the Word

July 25, 2012

The Creation Stage III

(Genesis Chapter 1 Completion)



  1. The importance of sanctification
    1. St. John 17:17
      1. Sanctification – to be set aside; reserved for the use of another.
      2. Sanctification is to have the mind of Christ.
      3. After salvation, your next step is the sanctification of your mind. (Romans 12:1-2)
      4. The more Word you are exposed to the more of His mind you will embrace.
      5. In other words, the more you hear the Word the more sanctified (in your thinking) you become to distance yourself from the last unsanctified move or thought.
      6. The truth separates.


  1.         I.            Genesis 1
    1. Day 1 – the creation of light
      1. Genesis 1:1
        1. God is timeless.  In other words, there is not a beginning or an end with God.
        2. God operated by what He said [not time].  Time is only a marker of natural order.
        3. God’s system of operating is dictated by His words (what you say).   We study the Bible to know how God operates (how to become adaptable to another system).
        4. St. Matthew 6:33 KJV, AMP
      2. Genesis 1:2
        1. The earth was not initially void and dark.  (Scripture references – Isaiah 14:12-14; Ezekiel 28:11-17)
        2. When Satan was cast out of heaven, he corrupted the established order of the earth.  (Scripture reference – Isaiah 45:18)
        3. The Holy Spirit‘s first appearance in the earth was not the day of Pentecost.
        4. God hovers or vibrates over the earth by the Holy Spirit to charge the atmosphere with energy consequently breathing life in the earth; so that now your words can hear you and respond.
        5. By God’s spirit being in the earth, when the Word is spoken there is power in it (the Word) to produce itself.
      3. Genesis 1:3-5
        1. This is not sun, moon, and stars light but the thought or possibility of light.
        2. God, without a source of light, became the source of light.  In other words, God is the source of all things.
        3. The natural order that we know is really the “new phenomenon”.   Before the natural order, God spoke and the object of His word was manifested.
        4. The order of God was to create by speaking without limitations – that’s supernatural.
        5. Limitations are something new that the enemy has introduced.
        6. St. John 1:3-5
    2. Day 2 – God separates the waters
      1. Genesis 1: 6-8
        1. Land base water (oceans, lakes, and river beds)
        2. Atmospheric water (vapors)
        3. God is specific and detailed.  He can separate even the minutest of detail.
    3. Day 3 – creation of plant life
      1. Genesis 1:9-13
    4. Day 4 – the creation of sun, moon and stars
      1. Genesis 1:14-19
        1. Sun, moon and stars function as:
          1. Signs – teach and remind men of God’s creative work (Psalm 8:3; Romans 1:19-20)
          2. Seasons – the constellation function as a calendar
          3. Light
    5. Day 5 – the creation of fish and fowls
      1. Genesis 1:20-23
        1. God allows the water to make the first fish and birds.
        2. On the one hand, the water creates a delicate hummingbird; and the same water creates a vast creature like the whale.  This implies that the word of God is capable of meeting any need of the believer.
        3. This also establishes that God has no limitations [and there are no ceilings for the believer].
        4. God’s word is loaded with inherit power.  It’s anointed to perform itself.
    6. Day 6 – the creation of land creature and man
      1. Genesis 1:24-31
        1. Man becomes the highlight of God’s creative works.
        2. God created man last to teach him how to use His word to create (how to operate by faith).
        3. Man was made in the image of God which means whatever he imagines he can bring it into the natural realm by speaking the word of God.
        4. Other observations about man:
          1. Mankind possesses the highest kind of life.
          2. Plant life possesses unconscious life.
          3. Animal life possesses conscious life.
          4. Man is self-conscious (an awareness of who he is and an appreciation of God).
          5. Man was given 5 directives in Genesis 1:28.  One directive was to subdue – to enslave, to bring under one’s control for one’s advantage.

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