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07/29/12 – “The Bread of Life/The Sovereignty of God” III – Do You Know His Name?



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July 29, 2012     

The Bread of Life/The Sovereignty of God III

(Do You Know Him?)


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July 29, 2012

 The Bread of Life/The Sovereignty of God III

(Do You Know His Name?)




  1. Supernatural is the normal activity of the Kingdom.
  2. Sovereign or the sovereignty of God means…
    1. God can use anything and everything to work His purpose in the earth
    2. Possessing supreme or ultimate power [over anything and anyone]
    3. Acting or doing independently without outside interference
    4. Possessing royal power or status
  3. Ecclesiastes 8:3-4
    1. For example, it pleases God when we are healed.  (Scripture references – St. Matthew 8:16-17, St. Matthew 15:30-31)


  1.          I.  Jesus is THE answer
    1. There are two answers to every challenge in life: 1) A [natural] answer and; 2) THE [supernatural] answer.
      1. St. Matthew 16:13-17
        1. There’s a difference between “an answer” and “THE answer” that comes from God.
        2. We are accustomed to receiving natural answers.  (verse 17)
        3. In God’s realm it’s always THE answer.  We must seek the mind of God for THE answer.
        4. Daniel 10:11-12
          1. THE answer was sent to Daniel the first day Daniel prayed.
          2. St. Luke 10:40-43
            1. Martha was seeking an answer.  Mary chooses to hear the words of Jesus that leads to THE answer.
            2. St. John 14:6-7
              1. THE truth provides The answer to all issues.
              2. Supernatural things happen with THE answer.
            3. Colossians 3:15, AMP
              1. There is a supernatural solution in the Word that will bring you the results you desire.
              2. When God speaks, He gives THE answer that satisfies all concerns and facets of life.
  2.         II.            Supernatural is the natural order.
    1. St. John 6:1-12
      1. The people called Jesus’ works miracles.
      2. Miracles are God’s normal mode of operating.
      3. Problems only exist in the natural realm.  THE answers are in the supernatural realm.
      4. God already has a solution for any problem in life. (verse 6)
      5. Philip saw the [natural] problem to be larger than the sovereignty of God.  (verse 7)
    2. St. John 6:17-21
      1. Walking on water was natural for Jesus.
      2. Supernatural should be the natural order for the believer.
    3. Genesis 3:6-7
      1. Before their disobedience, Adam and Eve could only see supernaturally.  In other words, their eyes were only opened to the supernatural realm (God’s order of things).
    4. Romans 4:17
      1. The phrase “before him whom he believed” is the way God reckons (how God sees things).
  3.       III.            Do you know His name?
    1. Psalm 91 [Emphasis verses: 9 &14]
      1. God’s name is higher than any problem in life.
      2. His name activates all the promises in Psalm 91.
      3. His name is higher than natural circumstances.

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