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08/22/12 – “The Creation Stage” VI – Seven Facts about Adam



The Chronological Method of Bible Study


Tuesday in the Truth

August 21, 2012


The Creation Stage VII



Wednesday in the Word

August 22, 2012

The Creation Stage VI

(Seven Facts about Adam)



  1. Bible study  develops  our belief system
    1. St. Mark 16:14
      1. Biblical believing is more than sight.
      2. Biblical believing is accepting the word of God as true without any sense realm verification (you don’t have to believe if you can see it).
      3. Your goal is to become a “believing” believer whereby you do not need sense realm evidence until manifestation.
      4. The Bible [and bible study] helps us to believe.


  1.          I.            Temptation
    1. Satan deceives Adam and Eve in Genesis 3.
      1. Satan denies the word of God in Genesis 3:4.
      2. Because the Bible is a history book, you must rightly divide the Word (for what God said).
      3. The Bible does not teach lies, but it accurately records the lies of men.
      4. Saul operated in deception.  (I Samuel 15:20-23)
      5. David operated in deception.  (I Samuel 21:1-2)
      6. A deceived person is defined by the following – a person who is deceived but do not know they are deceived and consequently you can’t tell them they are deceived because they are deceived.
      7. Lies separate man from the truth of the Word or God’s best.
      8. When you become involved in lies and deception you align yourself with Satan.
      9. The truth reveals the power and plan of God.
    2. Three major temptations of the enemy
      1. Temptations are defined as deviations from God’s plan and path to bless.
      2. Three major temptations of the enemy (I John 2:15-16):
        1. The lust of the flesh
        2. The lust of the eyes
        3. The pride of life
      3. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were enticed with these 3 temptations (Genesis 3:6):
        1. The lust of the flesh – she saw the tree was good for food
        2. The lust of the eyes – the tree was pleasant to eyes
        3. The pride of life – a tree to be desired to make one wise
      4. Jesus conquered the same three temptations in the wilderness (St. Matthew 4:3-10):
        1. The lust of the flesh – command these stones be made bread (verse 3)
        2. Lust of the eyes – all the kingdoms of the world (verse 8)
        3. The pride of life – set Him on a pinnacle of the temple (verse 5)
        4. The strategy of Satan was to kill Jesus’ ministry while He was in the wilderness.
      5. Satan tempted Adam and Eve as well as Jesus because of something they had.
      6. Satan attempts to deceive believers because of our value and potential in God.  In other words, Satan does not want us to realize our full potential in God.
      7. After their disobedience, Adam and Eve fell from grace or revelation (having the mind of God) to discovery.
  2.         II.            The sin of Adam
    1. Observations
      1. Adam was the highest of all God’s creation.
      2. Mankind was the crowning jewel of God’s creation.
      3. Adam fell from revelation to discovery.
    2. Seven facts about Adam [and how they relate to the life of believers]
      1. Adam was the first recorded sinner.
        1. Eve ate on the forbidden fruit first.  So chronological Eve was the first sinner, but theologically Adam was the first sinner.   Because God made His covenant with Adam and not with Eve; God, therefore, held Adam accountable.
        2. Adam was responsible for the human race’s action.  (Romans 5:12)
        3. The number one objective of the enemy is to deceive believers from the truth of the Word.  (II Corinthians 11:3)
        4. Deception is one of the main tools that Satan uses to move the believer from God’s best.   (I Timothy 2:14)
      2. Adam initially attempts to hide [cover] his nakedness before God.  In other words, his protection [in God] is gone.  (Genesis 3:7)
        1. The question becomes – how does one actually walk away from God?  For example, Jonah attempted to hide from God.
        2. Before you break covenant with God, you will lose your sense of urgency.
        3. Adam’s nakedness became an issue with God and not with Eve because sin caused the honor code and glory to be lifted off them.  (Psalm 8:5)
        4. Now that his protection is gone, Adam makes a desperate action to correct the situation.
        5. Religion is our attempt to clothe ourselves apart from the righteousness of God.
      3. Adam attempts to hide himself from God (Genesis 3:8).
        1. Psalm 69:5
        2. Psalm 139:7
        3. Matthew 10:26
      4. Observations from Genesis 3:8-11
        1. Why and how is Adam diminished and reduced to hiding?  Adam was never made to hide.  He was made to have what he said.
        2. Now rather than being bold and courageous, Adam is hiding.
        3. How can you receive from God when you are hiding from God?
        4. Adam received this notion to hide from God from his new master, Satan.
        5. Adam could not be influenced by Satan had he not been communicating with Satan.
        6. Who have you been talking to?

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