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08/22/2010 – “Grace in Giving” IV – The Great Wrestling Match

Psalm 65:11 11Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness.


 Grace in Giving IV
(The Great Wrestling Match)
August 22, 2010

• Understanding the principles of Christ transforms you from simply knowing the person of Christ to experiencing His abundance of grace.

 I Peter 4:10, The Amplified Bible
1. Grace has many sides or angles.
2. Saving grace is only one side of grace. (Ephesians 2:8)

B. I Corinthians 3:10, The Amplified Bible
1. One side to grace is financial victory.
2. Giving is a principle.

C. Galatians 2:21, The Amplified Bible
1. Your treatment of grace will impact how grace functions in your life.
2. The purpose of this facet of grace is to “put you over in life”.

I. An Example of Grace in Action:
 II Kings 6: 1-6 [Emphasis verses 5-6]
   1. When grace is properly applied to anything borrowed it will cause an iron axe head to swim. 
   2. In other words, grace properly appropriated does the impossible; grace gives you a supernatural advantage.
   3. A believer’s financial victory is in the mouth of a man of God.  (II Chronicles 20:20)

II. Jesus received grace to do the miraculous.
 St. Luke 2:38
   1. Before Jesus could do the miraculous, He had to receive the grace of God.
   2. Jesus’ progression to grace:
     a. He grew; after becoming born again, the next level is learning and applying the principles of Christ.
     [Grow…to increase, to become greater (your Christian development goes to another level), to augment, to connect with  the system/process of God]
     b. He became strong.
     [Strong…to empower, to strengthen and increase in vigor (more vigorous in giving)]
     c. He received the grace of God
         1. Grace is the divine influence upon the heart reflected upon the life. 
         [Example: a reflection of having a job is a paycheck; a God-class lifestyle is a reflection of God in your heart]
         2. Grace is goodwill, loving-kindness and favor.
         3. Grace is a spiritual condition governed by the power of God.
         4. Grace causes an increase in your Christian faith.

III. The Great Wrestling Match
 Three things that must be present in the mind for true believers to commit their finances to a local church.
  1. Confidence in the leadership.
  2. Confidence in the vision of the leader (that the leader knows where he is going).
      a. Giving for increase should always be to someone whose vision is greater.  In other words, for increase, you should always “give up”.     (Hebrews 7:7)
  3. Confidence in the ministry’s track record in terms of handling money.
B. Five things happen when you chose not to obey God and receive the grace of giving.
  1. You miss out on experiencing God’s best for your life.
  2. Others are robbed of God’s best for them; as it was God’s plan for them to experience His grace and its potential by watching you.
  3. It proves to the Father you cannot be trusted with true wealth (your money credibility is seen through your giving [treasure equals heart]).
  4. The treachery of living or benefiting from the sacrifices of others. Our gifts may not be equal but our sacrifices should be equal.
  5. Others must now make the inconvenient sacrifice of covering the shortfalls created by non givers.


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