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08/29/12 – “The Creation Stage” VII – God’s Redemptive Attributes




The Chronological Method of Bible Study


Tuesday in the Truth

August 28, 2012


The Creation Stage VIII

(The Qualities of God)


Wednesday in the Word

August 29, 2012

The Creation Stage VII

(God’s Redemptive Attributes)




  1. Bible study develops our belief system.
    1. Biblical believing is accepting the word of God as true without any sense realm verification (you don’t have to believe if you can see it)
  2. Bible study is the process by which God wins our souls.
    1. The Bible is a gift from God.  However, the copy that we have did not come from heaven but from England.
    2. The Bible was translated from its original Hebrew and Greek languages.
    3. The church and your spiritual leader have the responsibility to correct mistranslations.
    4. St. Matthew 11:27-29
      1. God is not mysterious nor is His intent is to be mysterious.  (verse 27)
      2. Man was never designed to labor.  Labor is a part of the curse.   (verse 28)
      3. You move from a life of care and laboriousness through the system of God.
      4. The ways of the kingdom of God must be learned.  (verse 29)
    5. Romans 1:17
      1. God reveals Himself through His word.
    6. Proverbs 11:30
      1. The Bible is the process through which God wins our soul.
      2. You will believe what you see until you study the Bible.


  1.          I.            Genesis 3– the corruption of all things
    1. Genesis 3
      1. Verse 5
        1. God never wanted Adam and Eve to know evil.  Everything in the Garden of Eden was good.
        2. God never intended for His people to deal with evil. Evil came from Satan.
        3. Verse 11
          1. We get off track with God when we converse with the enemy.
          2. Sin is missing the mark (of the word of God).
        4. Verse 12
          1. We always find someone to blame when we miss the mark.
          2. Pride hinders us from accepting responsibility for who and where we are.
        5. Verse 16
          1. The birthing process was supposed to be easy not hard and laborious.
          2. It is believed that the birthing process was to be of the same nature as everything else that was created – the “speak and see” process.
        6. Verse 17
          1. We are not to elevate any person’s word over the word of God.
          2. Adam elevated Eve’s words over what God said.
        7. Verses  17-19
          1. Adam fell from speaking to toiling.
          2. God gave man work which is designed to reveal the fullness of the skills God has uniquely placed in you as opposed to a job.
          3. Eve lost God’s vision and picked up Satan’s vision which leads to deception.
        8. Verses 23-24
          1. God sent Adam and Eve out His system of speaking and seeing to discovery.
  2.         II.            The redemptive qualities of God
    1. In the re-creation account, we saw God’s creative acts, His power, and His wisdom.  (Genesis 1-2)
    2. After man sins, we are introduced to God’s redemptive attributes of holiness and grace.
      1. Holiness is how God deals with sin.
      2. Sin is simply missing the mark (of God’s word)
    3. Five-fold judgment  on sin
      1. The man: cursed is the ground which means man is reduced to toil  (verse 17)
        1. Job 5:7
        2. Job 14:1
        3. The woman:  sin always causes suffering (verse 16)
        4. Nature: thorns and thistles are now in the Garden of Eden (verse 18)
        5. The serpent:  (verse 13)
          1. The serpent was not allowed a chance to explain.
          2. The serpent bears a curse because he yielded his body to Satan’s usage.
        6. The devil:  (verse 15)
          1. God did not allow Satan to discuss his situation either.
          2. Satan is not allowed to speak because there is no truth in him.
          3. St. John 8:44
            1. Satan can only negotiate lies because there is no truth in him.
            2. If Satan is talking, he is lying.  So rejoice when Satan is speaking contradictory to the word of God.
            3. It is prophesied that Christ is coming to place enmity between the woman and Satan.
              1. Romans 16:20
              2. Isaiah 53:5


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