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09/09/12 – “The Sovereignty of God in Giving” I



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September 9, 2012


The Sovereignty of God in Giving I


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September 9, 2012


The Sovereignty of God in Giving I




  1. When you participate in God’s plan of Kingdom giving, He has sovereign ways to meet your needs.  His methods to get resources in your life are unlimited.
  2. Once you begin receiving from the Kingdom, it is perpetual.



  1. Sovereignty defined…
    1. God is never limited by the power of created beings or by the forces of the universe.
    2. God is omnipotent (all powerful).
    3. God only has to comply with His word.
    4. God does not have to make sense.
      1. For example, in St. John 2, water is made into wine without the primary ingredient of grapes.
      2. Believers must follow God’s instructions to see His sovereign power operative [in our finances].


  1.          I.            The sovereignty of God defined in the scriptures
    1. Revelation 19:6
      1. Omnipotent is translated to mean all mighty or all ruling.  God has complete authority and rulership over creation.
      2. God has all power and His power overrules all powers.
      3. God’s overruling power is the power we want active in our finances.
      4. I Chronicles 29:11
        1. God is head above all things that exist.
        2. God is supreme.
        3. God is God and there are no forces or beings even close to comparison to who He is.
        4. God is the Most High.  He is El Elyon.
        5. God is the Commander and Chief of the army of heaven and everything must comply with His will.
      5. Daniel 4:35
        1. Once you comply with the system of God, who can stop you from being blessed by God.
      6. Psalm 115:3
        1. God is almighty.  He is the possessor of all power in heaven and earth so that none can defeat His decision; none can change His decisions or counsels; none can thwart His purpose or resist His will.
      7. Ecclesiastes 8:3-4
        1. Whatsoever, anything, everything, all things, what He wills, and whatever He says are the unlimited terms that God speaks in.
        2. Anything is possible when you walk in the will of God.
      8. Psalm 103:19
        1. God’s sovereignty will overrule any poverty.
      9. Psalm 22:28
        1. God is the governor among nations. He sets up kingdoms, overthrows empires and determines the course of dynasties as it pleases Him.
      10. I Timothy 6:15-16
        1. God has the final say over your life.
      11. Deuteronomy 8:18
  2.         II.            To comply with God’s sovereignty requires full persuasion.
    1. Romans 4:21
      1. We must reach this place of full persuasion before we can understand or see God’s sovereignty in our financial matters.
      2. Your giving is an indication of your [full] persuasion of the Kingdom’s financial system.
      3. Just as we are fully persuaded of the world’s [banking and financial] system, God wants us to have that same full persuasion in His system.
      4. Once we become fully persuaded, God can bless us beyond our ability to conceive.
        1. Ephesians 3:20, KJV, AMP
  3.       III.            Three primary reasons for participating in Kingdom giving
    1. God wants you to succeed in every area of your life:
      1. Financial goals, best home, best car, investments, business opportunities, streams of income, career, vacation money, retirement plan and money
      2. God wants to exchange worry, fear and apprehension for His promise of success.
        1. Proverbs 16:3, NLT
        2. Philippians 4:6
      3. God is my source.
        1. Psalm 91:2
          1. Your giving emphasizes who and where your trust lies.
        2. Psalm 62:5-8, NASB
        3. Psalm 46:1
          1. The word of God is His instructions on how to faithfully handle that which He gives us.
      4. God expects believers to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ; and for that He releases the blessing.
        1. St. Matthew 28:19-20
          1. Our giving finances the gospel.
            1.    IV.            An example of the sovereignty of God in finances
      5. St. Matthew 17:24-27
        1. Because God is sovereign, He places enough money in the mouth of a fish to pay Peter and Jesus’ taxes.

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