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09/12/2010 – “The Process of Receiving ” III – Little Becomes Much -C

Psalm 65:11 Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness.


September 12, 2010
The Process of Receiving III
(Little Becomes Much -C)

A. I Peter 4:10, The Amplified Bible
1. A gift differs from a talent:
   a. A talent is received by way of your first birth [natural birth]; a gift is received by the anointing at your second birth [salvation].
   b. Believers perform at their maximum when both their talents and “giftings” are operating.
   c. “Giftings” take you further than talent alone.
2. Grace has many sides, just as a woman can have many sides to her life.  A woman can be graced to be a female, a wife, a mother, a business person and a faithful church member.
3. Definitions of grace:
   a. Classic definition: Grace is God’s advantage [abundant favor] given to believers to make spiritual and natural progress.
   b. Grace is the power given to the believer to overcome lack.
   c. Grace functions to overcome lack.
   d. Grace is the sufficiency of God that supplies needs and gives the believer power to overcome lack.
   e. Grace is God’s power which is best seen in human weaknesses and insufficiencies.  In other words, grace empowers humans to do exceeding abundantly. (Ephesians 3:20) 

B. I Corinthians 3:10, The Amplified Bible
1. Grace is an endowment to perform your task [assignment] in life.
2. God is practical; He has a grace for every side of your life.

C. Galatians 2:21, The Amplified Bible
1. Grace on your finances can be set aside, nullified and invalid if you do not participate in the Kingdom of God system.

I. Little Becomes Much
 St. John 6:1-14
1. Anything not functioning at ease [according to purpose] in your life is “diseased”.  When your money is not functioning properly, that is “diseased”. (verse 2)
   a. Health and prosperity are two distinctions God uses to set the believer apart from the world.
2. It matters not what you are facing, Jesus has the solution. (verse 6)
3. Jesus takes a little to fill to overflowing. (verse 12)
   a. St. John 10:10, The Amplified Bible
4. You can only receive the quality of what you have sown. (verses 12 -13)
   a. St. Luke 6:38
   b. God cannot override His principle. (Psalm 138:2)

II. Glossary terms that defines the process of giving:
(We must be sold out to the process that the paying of tithes and the giving of offerings and first fruits is God’s system for increase.)
A. Sit down (St. John 6:10)
1. To sit down implies you have submitted to God’s order [God’s way of doing things].
   a. St. Matthew 6:33, KJV & The Amplified Bible
2. When you are still operating under your normal pattern, you are standing up [staging a revolt].
3. The significance of sitting down:
   a. God supplies the need to those who have submitted to His system (tithe, offerings and first fruits).

B. Jesus took (St. John 6:11)
1. Took [take] here is not the mindset to use violence, to seize or to remove (God will not take your offerings.  He will receive them).
2. Take is to lay hold of a person or thing in order to use it; to make it his [own] – to release the seed in your mind after you have given it and have no anxiety.
3. Take…to take possession of; to appropriate; to involve oneself in that which has been received.
   a. You must allow God a chance to involve Himself in your money.
   b. God must have time to infiltrate your money so that your money is no longer natural but supernatural.
   c.  Money with influence.

C. Given thanks  (St. John 6:11)
1. Thanks…expressing gratitude; your attitude in the midst of the situation.
2. Giving thanks is to get ahead of the miracle by operating in faith.
3. Thanksgiving is the language of your faith.  

D. Distributed to (St. John 6:11)
1. Distribute…an arrangement to pay off that which was invested.
2. An anointing for overflow in verse 11 (EAST LOCATION ONLY)
   a. Jesus took and expanded the loaves but the blessing overtook the fish as well.
   b. When you submit to God’s system, there is an anointing of overflow.
   c. Grace impacts every area of your life.
3. The twelve baskets in St. John 6:13 represent future provisions.
   a. When you assist God by your participation in His system, the overflow is for you.
   b. The baskets are future provisions so you will have no need or in other words, you will not live from paycheck to paycheck.
4. Each time you give, you are processing your harvest. (CENTRAL LOCATION ONLY)
   a. There is a time element involved in the giving process between the time you 1) sit down, 2) allow Jesus to receive, 3) give thanks and 4) distribution.
   b. This is the law of gradual increase which implies you must continue participating in the process.
     1. St. Mark 4:26-28
     2. St. Mark 11: 23
       a. The emphasis is on the continual process of…
           1. Money cometh by the continual process of giving.
           2. Health comes by the continual process of eating.
           3. Knowledge comes by the continual process of reading and studying.
           4. Winning a championship title comes by a continual process of winning (not just winning one game).
           5. Faith cometh by hearing.

III. The process of receiving grace in giving:
A. Become single minded about the amount you desire to receive (stick to your confession). 
a. James 1:8

B. I must agree that my increase is mine NOW.
a. St. Matthew 18:19
b. St. Mark 10:29-30

C. Lay hold of your harvest by saying it with your mouth and believing it with your heart.
a. I Timothy 6:19
b. St. Mark 11:23

D. Verbally bind satanic forces against your money in the name of Jesus (you bind the enemy by saying what God says about the situation).
a. St. Matthew 18:18
b. St. Matthew 12:29

E. Loose the forces of heaven [angels] over your money.
a. Hebrews 1:14
b. St. Mark 11:24


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