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09/16/12 – “The Sovereignty of God in Giving” II – Believing You Shall Receive



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September 16, 2012


The Sovereignty of God in Giving II

(Believing You Will Receive)


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September 16, 2012


The Sovereignty of God in Giving II

(Believing You Shall Receive)



  1. Sovereign or sovereignty defined…
    1. God is never limited by the power of created beings or by the forces of the universe (God has no limits).
    2. God is omnipotent (having all the power).
    3. God only has to comply with His word – Psalm138:1-2
    4. God does not have to make sense.
      1. For example, in St. John 2, water is made into wine without the fundamental element of grapes.
      2. Believers must follow God’s instructions to see His sovereign power operative [in our finances].
    5. Sovereignty is …when you do not need what is required to produce what is desired.
  2. The believer connects to the blessing of God (the covenant of God) through the tithe, offering and first fruit.
    1. Tithing is a law.
    2. A law yields 100% predictable results; for example, the law of gravity.



  1. The sovereignty of God defined in the scriptures
    1. Revelation 19:6
      1. Omnipotent is translated to mean all mighty or all ruling.  God has complete authority and rulership over everything in the natural realm.
    2. I Chronicles 29:11
      1. Greatest, power, glory, victory and His majesty are all working in your life with the sovereign God.
    3. Daniel 4:35
      1. No one in the earth has any power that can compare to the sovereign God.
    4. Psalm 115:3
      1. Whatever includes things that make sense and things that do not make sense; things seen and things not seen.
      2. God is beyond the way you think.
      3. God has unlimited resources to bless the believer.
    5. Ecclesiastes 8:3-4
      1. In the word of God is sufficient power to bring to pass what He says.
      2. Power…the ability to get results; the ability to change things; the ability to see and experience something you have never seen before; the ability to lift you; the ability to have a testimony
      3. God desires to work in your life to the degree others will begin to question that which God is doing – St. Mark 3:20-21; 31-32
    6. Psalm 103:19
    7. Psalm 22:28
    8. I Timothy 6:15-16
    9. Deuteronomy 8:18


  1.          I.            Believing you will receive
    1. Whatever you believe in you will finance.  In other words, your money follows your belief system – St. Matthew 6:21
      1. Your belief system will not let you invest in something you no longer believe in.
      2. You will not continue to give once you no longer believe you will receive.
      3. Robbing God of the tithe, offering and first fruit is not a money issue but a trust issue.
      4. Additionally, robbing God of the tithe, offering and first fruit deprives God of the sovereign opportunity to favor you.
      5. Giving is a measurement of your belief in the Kingdom system and the power of God.
    2. St. Mark 11:23
      1. When doubt comes in our heart it is reflected in our giving.
      2. Believing is necessary for Christians (believers).
      3. Believing is accepting the word of God as truth without sense realm verification.
      4. You must believe when it comes to giving because you do not immediately receive a tangible product.   Unlike every other system, you pay money and receive something.
      5. The product you receive is the favor of God working in your life.
      6. When you stop giving, you cut off God’s power source.
    3. Genesis 22:1-14
      1. Abram released his faith to receive his [promised] son Isaac – Romans 4:21
      2. However, God tested Abram after Isaac was born to see if Abram truly understood God’s system of giving.
      3. Abram compliance proved to God Abram’s level of understanding and commitment to His system.  (verse 12)
      4. When you understand the principle of giving, God’s sovereignty will pull back the curtain of the spiritual realm and release a supernatural manifestation.  (verse 13)
      5. There are some things you will never see until you are fully persuaded of God’s system.
    4. St. Luke 5:1-12
      1. Because Peter complied with Jesus’ request to give of his boat, service and expertise, God’s sovereignty manipulated the fish to release a supernatural harvest to Peter and his partners.

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