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09/19/12 – “The Creation Stage” X Noah’s Ark – The Importance of the Word



The Chronological Method of Bible Study


Tuesday in the Truth

September 18, 2012


The Creation Stage XI

(The Condition of the Earth before the Flood)


Wednesday in the Word

September 19, 2012

The Creation Stage X/Noah’s Ark

(The Importance of the Word)




  1. Malachi 3:6-10
    1. The word of God gives revelation into what’s behind the windows in heaven.  (verse 10)
    2. Heaven is a place of supernatural resources that is tapped into through the word of God.
    3. In other words, God’s word connects you to His power and ability.
    4. The word of God can overshadow every negative prevailing circumstance in life (like light overshadows darkness).
  2. The purpose of a wilderness environment
    1. God led the children of Israel through the wilderness to prove what was in their hearts.
    2. The wilderness or wild times and places in your life will prove what is truly in your heart.
    3. In other words, your mouth will reveal what’s in your heart when things are calm and when things are “wild”.
    4. You cannot escape the wilderness until you are rooted in the word of God.   In other words, the Word must replace what you see.  For example, Abram passed the wilderness test in Genesis 22.
    5. Darkness will only prevail to the degree there is no light or revelation of the word of God.
    6. The Bible is to convince your mind of the power of the word of God.


  1.          I.            The condition of the earth prior to the flood
    1. Genesis 6: 1-8
      1. There was this great population explosion on the earth.  (verse 1)
        1. Satan was interested in the population explosion on the earth to multiply man in his fallen state.
        2. Sin-ridden man was an attempt by Satan to embarrass God and thwart the plan of God.
        3. In the word of God is inherit power – power to bring itself to pass.  God only needs what He said to bring what He said to pass.
        4. There was an outpouring of satanic activity.  (verse 2)
        5. The flood occurs 120 days from this point.  (verse 3)
        6. Humanity is now depraved and twisted.  (verses 5-11)
        7. It grieved God that man was on the cursed land and environment.  (verse 6)
          1. God desired to renovate the environment (cursed earth) because our environment plays a critical role in who we are and what we will believe.
          2. In the midst of a contaminated society is Noah who finds grace in the sight of the Lord.  (verse 8)
            1.      II.            The message behind Noah’s ark
              1. The Old Testament is an account of how God’s grace dealt with the nation of Israel.
              2. The New Testament is an account of how God through His grace deals with the church and sinners.
              3. The ark represented the grace of God.
                1. God informs Noah to construct a floating barge (the ark).
                  1. The ark had a capacity to contain every human being and animal on the face of the earth at that time.
                  2. The size of the ark has been noted to be the length of 6-7 freight cars.
                  3. The ark was capable of carrying about 90 million tons of food and provisions.
                  4. Noah was instructed by God to cover the ark with pitch (anointed slime).
                    1. Slime is translated from the Hebrew word kaphar meaning atonement.
                    2. The pitch would make the difference in all the inadequacies of the ship just as the blood of Jesus atoned for the inadequacies of man.
                    3. In other words, the ark was a type of salvation (safe from destruction).
                      1. Enoch serves as a type of the church, saved from the impending judgment.
                      2. Noah was a type of Israel, saved through the flood.
                      3. Noah gathers male and female of all the earth’s animals.
                      4. Noah boards the ark at the command of God.
                        1. Genesis 7:1
                          1. Come is first mentioned in Genesis 7:1; and last mentioned in Revelation 22:17.
                          2. Come is an invitation.  God is inviting us into His system.
                        2. Genesis 8:1
                          1. God remembered (to reconnect) Noah.
                          2. Genesis 6:8
                          3. Genesis 6:22
                          4. Genesis 7:5
                        3. When you obey God, there is a record of your obedience before God.
                          1. Lot in Sodom – Genesis 19:29
                          2. Israel’s groaning in Egypt – Exodus 2:24; Exodus 6:5
                          3. The thief on the cross – St. Luke 23:42
                      5. The flood passes and the ark rest upon the mountains of Ararat – Genesis 8:17-9:1
                      6. God establishes a covenant with Noah.  The elements of the Noahic covenant:
                        1. God would never again destroy the earth of man through a flood – Genesis 8:21-22; 9:9-17; the earth will be destroyed through fire – II Peter 3:1-13
                        2. God would require the life of a man who murdered another man.
                      7. Noah becomes drunk and exposes himself in his tent – Genesis 9:20-29
                        1. On the crest of your largest victories, you can have your greatest failures.
                        2. Your predicament before faith can be your demise.
                        3. Noah dies at 950 years of age with no spiritual accomplishments for 350 years after stepping off the ark.
                        4. Noah’s body dictated to his spirit – I Corinthians 9:27
                      8. Other observations from the “message behind the ark”
                        1. The ark was sustained by the word of God; our lives are sustained by the word of God.
                        2. God’s word [on a pile of boards] is stronger than any storm in life.
                        3. God’s word is more than sufficient to take care of you, but you must comply with God’s way.
                        4. The blessing of God may not “look like”, appeal to or come the way we expect.
                        5. Getting on the boat represents our obedience to God’s system and His way of doing things regardless of the senses.

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