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10/03/2010 – “Frustrating “Take Over” Grace”III – Tidbits on Tithing –C

Psalm 65:11 Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness.


October 3, 2010
Frustrating “Take Over” Grace III
(Tidbits on Tithing –C)

. I Peter 4:10, The Amplified Bible
1. God has extreme measures, ways, and opportunities to bless, enhance and deliver His people.
2. In other words, God is a God of extremes.
3. Example of God’s extremely diverse powers: St. Matthew 17:27

B. I Corinthians 3:10, The Amplified Bible

C. I Corinthians 15:10

D. St. John 10:10, KJV & The Amplified Bible
1. Proverbs 10:22
a. The blessing of the Lord on your life is designed to prosper you and removes the struggle or sorrowfulness associated with maintaining the experience.

E. Galatians 2:21, The Amplified Bible

“Take over” grace gives the believer an anointing to take ownership and possession of what God has ordained for your life; but God needs your participation.
1. I Corinthians 3:9 (KJV & The Amplified Bible)

a. God has established laws and principles/standards that govern His system of operation.
b. These standards infuse equity into God’s system creating reliability and predictability by allowing God to function and administer according to His principles and not the conditions.
c. Your participation in God’s system of tithes, offerings and first fruits gives God permission to extend His financial grace over your life.

2. Joshua 24:14-15

a. An idol god is a powerless [idle] god or system that offers no benefits, rewards or advancements.
b. Your giving [honoring God’s system] dictates how the grace of God functions in your life.

B. “Weaving” the Word (Central Location Only)
1. Genesis 50:20

a. Meant in the Hebrew is to weave [to form by sewing, gluing or twisting together]; in other words, God “weaved” good in Joseph’s life when evil was intended.
b. Weaving [the Word] forms an inner image of your declared state in the Word in your spirit; for example, the Word weaves healing where there is pain, the Word weaves prosperity where there is poverty.
c. Believers are to “weave” the Word until the provisions or the grace of God manifests in their lives.

I. An example of “take over” grace:
A. Numbers 13:1-32 [Emphasis verses: 1, 23 – 33]

a. Searching out the land is man’s responsibility in participating in the process to receive from God. (verse 1)
b. 10 of the 12 spies elevated the giants [the old system] higher than the Word [the new system]. (verses 25-28)
c. It may be a natural fact that the giants are occupying your “promised land” or in other words, other people are enjoying the life God has predestined for you.
d. Simply because you are where you are currently does not mean this is the will of God.
e. Six groups of people were in the land God had promised to the children of Israel, but there is a grace available to evict them. (verse 29)
f. Properly functioning grace promotes a “take over” anointing when you participate in the system of tithes, offerings and first fruits.
g. The enemy will attempt to use man [a natural system] and sight to move you from the promises of God. (verses 31-32)
h. Obscured vision [how you perceive/see a thing] impacts behavior. (verse 33)
i. Involvement in God’s system of tithes, offerings and first fruits corrects obscured vision allowing you to face adverse situations with joy and peace.

II. Actions that activate or frustrate “take over” grace:
. I Samuel 2:30

1. [Honor] – to have respect for and to; to allow God’s word to impact decisions; to set as priority.
2. Honoring God’s system activates grace and causes you to operate under an “opened” heaven.
3. Despising God’s system frustrates grace and causes you to operate under a “closed” or “brass” heaven.

B. Proverbs 26:1-2

1. Honor cannot be awarded to a fool [someone who does not participate or obey the system of God]. (verse 1)
2. There is a cause to “cursed money”; in many instances, the cause is not honoring the system of tithes, offerings and first fruits. Find the cause; make the adjustments. (verse 2)

C. Proverbs 28:9

1. Refusing to hear and obey the Word causes your prayers not to be heard.
2. When you close off you hearing canal, you also hinder or frustrate your faith. (Romans 10:17)

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