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10/24/12 – “Tying up the Loose Ends of Genesis 1-11” III – The Providence of God



The Chronological Method of Bible Study


Tuesday in the Truth

October 23, 2012


Tying up the Loose Ends of Genesis 1 – 11, III


Wednesday in the Word

October 24, 2012

Tying up the Loose Ends of Genesis 1 – 11, III

(The Providence of God)




  1. What exactly was God doing before He revealed His creations?
    1. The Bible dates who God is.
    2. The Bible gives a revelation of what God has already done.
    3. The Bible is our course of study of God’s finished work in eternity past.



  1. God existed in eternity past.
    1. Genesis 1:1
      1. “In the beginning” refers to a period called the dateless past or eternity past.
      2. “In the beginning” refers to the beginning of time not God.  In other words, time had a beginning, but before time there was God.
      3. “In the beginning” is the beginning of the measurement of time.
      4. “In the beginning” severs eternity.  God split eternity and called it time.  Time has a shelf life unlike eternity.
    2. Jeremiah 1:4-10
      1. Man consists of three parts: spirit, soul and body.
        1. God is intimately acquainted with our spirits in eternity past (before He introduced time).
        2. Your life will complete a 360 degree turn: you begin in eternity as a spirit with God; the first 180 degrees will bring you into time to live out a life span in time; the next 180 degrees ceases time and will bring you back to eternity where you originated.  How you live in eternity is determined by what you do in time.
        3. God has already worked out all the details of your life in eternity past.
          1. Your path and provisions in life [in time] have already been ordered by God in [eternity past].
          2. You must release your faith to receive what has already been arranged for you in eternity past.
          3. Also in eternity past, God has given every man an assignment [in time].
  2. Scriptural references to the activity of God in eternity past
    1. Acts 15:18
    2. Ephesians 3:8
    3. Colossians 1:18
    4. Hebrews 1:10
  3. Specific activities of God in eternity past…
    1. God was fellow-shipping and planning [for every man] with His son, Jesus Christ.
    2. God was creating the universe.
    3. He was identifying and providing for those He knew would choose Him (known as the doctrine of election).
    4. He was planning and providing for the Church.
    5. He was preparing for the Kingdom.
    6. He was planning for the Savior.
      1. I Peter 1:18-20
      2. An arrangement is made for a Savior before the first man is ever created [to sin]!!!!!
      3. God created a devil (or problem) for Himself to establish a solution or plan for believers when the devil or problems arise in our lives.
  4. Faith is agreeing with eternity past rather than the circumstances in time.
    1. Romans 4:17-18
      1. In eternity past, God had already made Abram a father of many nations.
      2. God has already blessed you in eternity past; consequently, the devil cannot curse you when you agree or align with God.
      3. God has already finished everyday of your life in the dateless past.
      4. God has worked out every answer to every problem [in time] in eternity past.  In other words, He has made a way of escape for every temptation [in time].  (Scripture reference – I Corinthians 10:13)
  5.          I.            The providence of God
    1. Providence defined…foresight; making provisions beforehand
    2. Because God made man His partner, God must have man’s participation which is faith and agreement in order to bring His intended and preplanned will to past for man’s good.
      1. I Corinthians 1:9
      2. Jeremiah 29:11
    3. As laborers and rulers of the earth, we will either agree with Satan or with what God has arranged in eternity past.
    4. Your confessions will identify your choice of partners.  Your faith-filled confessions (agreeing with the dateless past) bring you into collaboration with your co-laborer, God.
    5. A day is already arranged on God’s calendar for you to receive ALL the “good and perfect gifts” purchased by the Father.

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