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10/31/2010 – “Keep Yourselves From Idols” II – Impeaching False Gods



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October 31, 2010

Keep Yourselves from Idols III

(Impeaching False Gods)


A. I Peter 4:10, The Amplified Bible

1. God has many ways to enhance and bless our lives.

B. I Corinthians 3:10, The Amplified Bible

C. I Corinthians 15:10

D. Galatians 2:21, The Amplified Bible

1. The purpose for your life can be frustrated [defeated] based on how you treat grace.

2. Treating the tithes, offerings and first fruit as minor or insignificant overrides the grace of God for increase.


A. Idol

1. An image, a likeness, whatever represents the form of an object either real or imaginary.

2. A figment of the mind, a fantasy, a false god like a golden calf.

3. A favorite (a favorite way of doing something).

4. A mindset, a thought process; any mindset or thought process that competes with God’s system of doing things.


A. The purpose of understanding: understanding how to connect with the abundant life through tithes, offerings and first fruit.

1. I John 5:20-21

a. The purpose of Jesus’ coming into the earth is to give us an understanding of how things truly work.

b. There is the true God and then there are idols. (verse 20)

c. Having understanding or the ability to keep yourself from idols is the last thought that is conveyed in this chapter. (verse 21)

2. I John 4:17

a. God’s objective is to give us this understanding so that we walk like Jesus in the earth.

3. Proverbs 21:16

a. When you understand Satan, you misunderstand God; when you understand God, you intentionally misunderstand Satan.

4. Proverbs 4:7

a. Understanding is the ability to see from God’s perspective.

5. St. Matthew 13:15

a. When you have understanding in any area of your life change can take place.

I. Impeaching false gods [idols]

A. Paralleling false gods or idols with trusting in God [the true God]

1. False gods in Psalm 115:1-8

a. God works through His Word to cause our life to be a reflection of His glory. (verse 1)

b. Any other lifestyle validates the heathen’s question “where is now their God”? (verse 2)

c. The real idol is in your mind (a thought process). (verses 4-8)

d. You cannot trust in idol thoughts. (verse 8)

2. Trusting in God and not in idols in Psalm 115:9-18

a. God is our helper and our shield to those that trust in Him. (verses 9-10)

b. Your “living” is protected when you trust God.

c. It is the objective of God to increase the believer. (verses 12-18)

3. The understanding that God desires to give us is that the reciprocal of giving is receiving. (EAST LOCATION ONLY)

a. St. Luke 6:38-39

1. Idols cannot lead you into the prosperity of God.

a. Psalm 56:3-5

1. Believers are not idolaters; we trust in the Lord’s system.

B. II Corinthians 10:3-5

1. A stronghold is a mental image or thought process that is difficult to impeach.

2. Believers impeach [cast down] idol thoughts by trusting in God and confessing His word.

3. The children of Israel in Exodus 30-32 serve as an example of a stronghold or mental thought.

a. Their idol mindset was drawing them back to Egypt on their way to the Promised Land.

b. The building of a golden calf was a concept learned in Egypt.

C. Five observations of the competing thought process

1. There is no such thing as an original thought. Everything we think comes from the higher power, God or the lower power, Satan; both residing in the mind.

a. Proverbs 23:7

2. You were created to operate under Lordship (receive instructions from another source).

a. St. John 10:10

b. Proverbs 20:27

3. Whomever controls the thoughts in your mind controls your life.

a. Proverbs 23:7

4. If you change your focus, you will change your emotions.

a. St. Matthew 6:19-21

5. God’s objective is man’s equality with Him in the earth as He is in heaven.

a. Philippians 2:5-6

b. St. John 10:34

c. St. Matthew 6:9-10

d. Psalm 82:6

II. Four entitlements to prosperity (when you continue in the Word – St. John 8:31-32)

A. Tithing establishes my covenant with God and gives me an entitlement to increase.

1. Malachi 3:8-10

2. Deuteronomy 26 – You must mix faith with each giving opportunity

3. Genesis 28:20-22

B. My offerings entitle me to supernatural favor.

1. II Corinthians 9:6-8

C. Vows entitle me to wisdom and insight.

1. Job 22:27-28

D. I must learn to sow into the lives of anointed leaders.

1. Philippians 1:7b

2. Philippians 4:19

3. II Kings 4:4

4. I Samuel 9:8

5. II Chronicles 20:20

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