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11/04/12 – “The Sovereignty of God in Giving” IX – The Covenant



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November 4, 2012


The Sovereignty of God in Giving IX

(The Covenant)

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November 4, 2012


The Sovereignty of God in Giving IX

(The Covenant)




  1. Deuteronomy 8:18
    1. Because we are in covenant with God through our giving, He gives us power to get wealth.
    2. Wealth alone can diminish.  Having the power and ability to get wealth creates a perpetual cycle of wealth.
    3. In other words, wealth can be replenished when we take the filters and limits off God.
  2. Psalm 115:3
    1. God can do “whatever” without filters, limitations or restrictions.
  3. Psalm 22:28
    1. Governor describes God’s ability to legislate.  He can move and redistribute wealth as He chooses.
  4. Ecclesiastes 8:3-4
    1. The King is not like an elected official or the President of the United States.  God’s term never ends.
    2. The King has a solution for whatever you are experiencing.  He doesn’t need a majority vote.
    3. When the King speaks, His sovereignty will bring to past whatever He pleases.
  5. What pleases God in the lives of believers:
    1. Fully enjoying life – St. John 10:10, KJV & AMP
    2. Reigning in life – Romans 5:17
      1. Jesus died so that man can reign in life.
      2. God defined man’s designation in Genesis 1:28.



  1. Definitions of sovereignty…
    1. God can use anything and everything to work His purpose in the earth.  (Romans 8:28)
    2. Possessing supreme or ultimate power
    3. Acting or doing independently without outside interference
    4. Supernatural, supernatural power unlimited by natural forces, not restricted by natural laws or natural beings
      1. There is no power that can defeat, deny, or defy God (His power vanquishes, overturns, subjugates)
    5. God’s authority over natural material (matter) or means
    6. Never limited by the power of created beings or the forces of the universe
    7. No laws [heavenly or earthly] can restrict, limit or bind His power to perform His work
      1. Peter
        1. Peter’s giving [of his boat] triggered a supernatural response (a net-breaking harvest) – St. Luke 5
        2. Wealth may not be achieved by hard work alone.  You need the power and favor of God.
        3. Abraham
          1. It took Abraham 25 years to learn the process of faith which implies part of the faith process requires patience.  (Romans 4)
          2. When the blessing of Abraham is on your life it attracts prosperity.
          3. You cannot walk in the blessing when you are a God robber.
          4. Tithing [offerings and first fruits] represents your covenant (an agreement for prosperity) with God.  However, God only accepts the offerings He places on your heart to give.


  1. God must convince us to believe to release His sovereign power in our lives.
    1. Romans 4:21
      1. Full persuasion is new information that causes change.
    2. St. John 11:21-26
      1. Martha is fully persuaded that the power of God vanquishes death.
  2. God cannot funnel His sovereign power illegally.
    1. God needs irrefutable evidence of our belief and compliance to His system to present before Satan.
      1. Revelation 12:10
    2. Our giving is a testament of what we believe.
    3. Giving is easy when we are in surplus.
    4. You do not believe God or trust Him if you stop tithing or complying with His system of giving when you are tested.
    5. The test reveals your true belief in the sovereign power of God.  You will either agree with God or the circumstances.
    6. Choices or options demonstrate our maturity as illustrated in the Garden of Eden.
    7. Like Abram, when we create our Ishmael (non-compliance), we delay our Isaac (the blessing).


  1.          I.            Our giving is proof we believe God and are in covenant with Him.
    1. Understanding the covenant means we believe God created the world therefore everything is subject to Him.
      1. Deuteronomy 10:14
      2. Job 9:5-10
      3. Psalm 89:11
      4. Psalm 95:3-5
      5. I Corinthians 10:26
      6. Isaiah 45:10-13
        1. The covenant of the tithe, offering and firstfruit commands God to work for us.
        2. Genesis 12:1-3

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