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11/07/2010 – “Keep Yourselves From Idols” IV – Extreme Makeovers


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November 7, 2010

Keep Yourselves from Idols IV

(Extreme Makeovers)


A. I Peter 4:10, The Amplified Bible

1. The grace of God is God’s advantage upon the life of the believer.

2. Grace is given to the believer to function in the earth.

B. Galatians 2:21, The Amplified Bible

1. Mistreatment of the tithes, offerings and first fruits frustrate the grace of God for increase and promotion.

C. I John 5:20-21

1. Jesus’ purpose for coming into the earth was to give us an understanding of how things are truly supposed to function.

a. Proverbs 21:16

b. St. John 10:10 (KJV & The Amplified Bible)

1. As long as you remain in misunderstanding, you will never experience the God-kind of life.

2. Believers will spend the span of their lives on earth keeping themselves from idols.

a. Idol defined…

1. An image, a likeness, whatever represents the form of an object either real or imaginary.

2. A figment of the mind, a fantasy, a false god like a golden calf.

3. A favorite (a favorite way of doing something).

4. A mindset, a thought process; any mindset or thought process that competes with God’s system of doing things.

a. To prosper, you must participate in the system of tithes, offerings and first fruits; however, another god [idol] will show up to compete with your participation in this system. (Reference scriptures – Genesis 3)


A. The objective of God is to promote movement in our lives after being born again.

B. This movement in the mind of God is called growth, promotion or increase.

1. Genesis 1:28

a. It was the original plan of God for man was to be over everything.

2. The original intent and purpose for man defined by 6 words:

a. Blessed…graced, favor, approval, permission given to, green light, to say amen to

b. Fruitful…productive, fertile (to become pregnant with purpose), rich, plentiful, luscious, lush, super abundant

c. Multiply…to increase, to spread, widen, broaden, gain, to get ahead, to invent (the spirit of invention)

d. Replenish…to refill, to fill to the brim, to supply, to stock up

e. Subdue…conquer, master, beat down, break down, to bring things to its knees

f. Dominate…to govern, to have ownership, to have the upper hand, to have influence over, to master, to have leverage, influence

3. Psalm 115:1-16

a. Psalm 115:1-8

1. God desires to give us a lifestyle that confirms His presence and existence.

2. You will never experience God’s best when you give in [concede, yield, submit] to idols.

b. Psalm 115:9-16

1. When you trust the Lord and His system, He will move you from limitations to increase. (verses 9-16)

4. Romans 12:1-3

a. To present your body as a sacrifice is to crucify that idol or mindset that is competing with God’s system.

b. If you will transform your thinking by renewing your mind [the continuous process of hearing and doing the Word – St. John 8:31-32], this creates an avenue to return back to Genesis 1:28.

I. Examples of God’s extreme makeover plan for promotion and increase

A. St. John 10:10, The Amplified Bible – Moving from lack to fullness [overflowing abundance] is extreme.

B. Exodus 16:1-8 – An extreme God creates something (manna & quail) from nothing. In other words, believers should trust an extreme God not idols to deliver them even in the wilderness [dry, desolate, arid place].

C. Exodus 23:20-25 – God will take on your enemies and your adversaries when you obey Him and impeach idol thinking

D. Exodus 32:1-10 – The children of Israel reverted back to their idol thinking when deliverance seemed distant.

E. Joshua 6:16-20 – An extreme God implodes the defense walls of Jericho allowing the children of Israel to conquer it.

F. Joshua 7:1-11 – The idolatry of one man causes the grace of God to be lifted off of Israel.

G. St. Luke 5:1-10 – God had a plan to take Peter from nothing to a net breaking harvest had Peter obeyed God’s way.

II. Five ways to conquer an idol mindset

A. Let God be true and every false way a liar.

B. Cast down false alternatives.

C. Audibly and verbally correct yourself when false ways appear.

D. Remain true to the “true way” even when things [manifestation] appear distance.

E. Trust the fact that your faithfulness to God will bring you deliverance

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