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11/10/2010 – “Ordinary People Using Extraordinary Faith” I – Understanding Authority


Wednesday in the Word

November 10, 2010

Ordinary People Using Extraordinary Faith I

(Understanding Authority)

“We are authorized as believers to speak like God”.


A. Jeremiah 1:5-10

1. Fulfillment and success comes when we understand and embrace our life’s assignment.

2. Your speech is an indication of your maturity. An immature believer speaks about the circumstances.

3. God anoints the words you are saying on a consistent basis.

B. St. Mark 11:12-14, 20-23

1. Jesus operating as a man shows us our capabilities.

2. Anything in life that is not functioning according to purpose can be corrected by using your faith.

a. Situations that malfunction in life do not auto or self correct; these situations are corrected by faith.

b. Faith (nor any of the things of God) is automatic. (Scripture references – Galatians 3:13-14)


A. Extraordinary faith “obtains”.

1. Hebrews 11:1-3 [Emphasis verse 2]

a. The substance that you need to change or substantiate your hope is the word of God or faith.

b. The elders or ordinary people of Hebrews 11 “obtained” by faith.

c. Synonyms for the word “obtain”to receive, to come into possession of, to get, to acquire, to capture, to gain, to earn, to accomplish, to gather, to master.

2. Romans 4:17-18

a. A biblical synonym for the word “obtain” is to become. In other words, faith causes you to become what God has called you.

b. If you do not know your assignment, you will not know what to release your faith to “become”.

B. Extraordinary faith understands authority.

1. When the believer understands authority, he will walk by faith.

2. Authority is God granting me the power to speak according to what He has made me in the spirit realm and not according to what I have in the natural realm.

3. Authority is delegated power and permission to rule, govern or manage by a predetermined plan.

4. Authority is the right to exercise power (God’s word is His power).

I. The transference of authority

A. God delegates authority to man. (Genesis 1:26)

B. God prepares everything (the universe) for mankind. (Genesis 1:1-25)

C. God has confidence is this authority. (Genesis 1:26-28)

D. Adam sins and forfeits his authority. (Romans 5:12, 17)

E. Satan becomes the temporary god of this world.

1. II Corinthians 4:1-4 [emphasis verse 4]

2. St. Matthew 4:8

II. We were created to instantly have what we say just like God.

A. Genesis 1

1. Throughout the entire chapter of Genesis 1, God speaks and instantly it is so.

2. “And God said” and it was so in verses 3 & 4 (light); verses 6 & 7 (sky); verses 9 & 10 (the earth and the seas); verses 11 & 12 (vegetation); verses 15 & 16 (the day and the night); verses 20 & 21 (the sea creatures and the birds of the air); verses 24 & 25 (wild beasts, domestic animals and reptiles)

B. Genesis 3

1. In Genesis 3, man disobeys God and the unholy trinity of fallen man, fallen woman and Satan, embodied in the body of a serpent, is sentenced.

2. Genesis 3:15

a. Genesis 3:15 prophetically speaks of the coming of Jesus.

b. God’s word now takes 42 generations to come to pass.

3. When man disobeyed God, he ushered in time.

4. Time comes to talk you out of what you said according to the Word.

5. We are supposed to have what we say when we say it. If you will stay with what you said, you will still have what you said, just like God.

III. Indicators of improperly exercised authority:

A. Hosea 4:6

1. You will be destroyed [to make deaf, dumb or silent (you are not speaking to your fig tree or mountain)]

B. Symptoms that indicate you are not exercising authority or faith:

1. You lose self control.

2. You resort to natural means to explain a spiritual deficit.

3. You allow natural circumstances to rob you of your joy and peace.

4. You walk by sight rather than walking by faith.

5. You develop tolerance for a mediocre lifestyle rather than keeping the pressure on by walking in faith.

6. You begin to trust others to fight for you when the battle should be waged by you.



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