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11/14/12 – “Tying up the Loose Ends of Genesis 1-11” VI – “The” Good Life



The Chronological Method of Bible Study


Tuesday in the Truth

November 13, 2012


Tying up the Loose Ends of Genesis 1 – 11, VI

(“The” Good Life)


Wednesday in the Word

November 14, 2012

Tying up the Loose Ends of Genesis 1 – 11, VI

(“The” Good Life)




  1. Before the beginning was eternity past.
  2. God existed before time.
  3. The concept of time is for the earth and the creation of man.
  4. In other words, time records.   For example, birthdays are a measurement of time; a method to evaluate and judge time; a method to gauge progression and achievement.
  5. God’s greatest gift to man is time.
  6. If you do not stop to evaluate the time God has given you, you will eventually waste time and will never become synchronize with the plan and path of God for your life.
  7. Your rewards in eternity will be a direct reflection of how you managed time in the earth.



  1. Isaiah 46:9-10
    1. There is no one greater than God.
    2. God cannot be defined through the filter of the earth.  In other words, God is not governed by the laws of the earth.
    3. God always finishes [not at the end] but before He begins then goes to the beginning and starts what He has already finished.
  2. Romans 11:2-4
  3. Romans 8:28-29
    1. Foreknow – to have the knowledge of beforehand; in front of time
    2. Predestined – not choosing man’s destiny for him because that would not be freedom.  Predestined is knowing what man would chose before the man arrives on the scene; to decree from eternity; to appoint the arrangement of beforehand
  4. Jeremiah 29:11, KJV & AMP
    1. God has planned for us to fare well and have peace.


  1.          I.            In eternity past, God was deciding and orchestrating a particular chosen path for every person.
    1. Exodus 7:1-6
      1. The job of ministry is to convince, coach and teach believers into seeing what God finished in eternity past.  (verse 1)
      2. Moses’ life was off purpose and path for 80 years; yet, Moses latter 40 years [lived on purpose] fulfilled the will of God for his life.
      3. In other words, the events of our life off purpose are no surprise to God.
      4. Our faith-filled confessions move us closer to the preplanned path of God.  (verse 2)
      5. Only when Moses agreed with God was he able to live according to plan.  (verse 6)
      6. Romans 4:17
        1. Abraham was made a father of many nations in eternity past.
        2. The events of Abraham’s life off purpose were no surprise to God.
        3. When Abraham believed God, he stepped onto the path and plan of God for his life.
  2.         II.            God must preplan and foreknow all things.
    1. St. Matthew 6:25-33
      1. In God providence, He prepared and planned for the needs of every bird and every lily of the field.  (verses 26-29)
      2. God negotiated every human genetics, physical traits and characteristics before time.  (verse 27)
      3. Also in God’s providential care, He prearranged the necessities that sustain human life.  (verse 31)
      4. Concisely, God documented the specific details of every life before time.
      5. When you walk according to plan (agree with God), the things God have already finished in eternity past will be added.  (verse 33)
      6. The script of your life has already been written in the playbook called the Bible.  To produce the movie of your life, you must first know your lines from the script.
      7. Playing out the movie is called life.
  3.       III.            “Scene stealers” to “the” prepared and planned life by God
    1. God has given the earth to man and consequently, the right to decide how you desire to play out your life.   Psalm 115:16
    2. God does not work independently in our lives.  We are co-laborers with Him.  I Corinthians 1:9
    3. Timing and maturity can delay production.
      1. Romans 5:6
        1. We must stay in contact with God through prayer to stay on His schedule.
        2. Galatians 4:1-4
          1. Time matures us.
          2. Acts 7:17-18
            1. Events are to align us with the things God has planned.
  4.       IV.            “The” good life is a specific life detailed and tailored for every believer that is activated by our agreement with God.
    1. Ephesians 2:10, AMP
      1. God constructed a definite specific life for every human being before time.
      2. God predestined “the” good life:
        1. Predestined – to determine an outcome or course of events in advance
        2. Prepared – ready for use
        3. Ready – in a suitable state for activity action or situation; fully prepared
        4. “The” good life is ready and waiting for you.
      3. Psalm 16:11
        1. David, through all his “missteps”, found the path of life.
        2. Mistakes and missteps on the wrong path are corrected when you get on the path of God.  In other words, mistakes become preparatory events on your way to “the” good life.
        3. “The path” will fulfill the will of God for your life
        4. On “the path” is resources and provisions to fulfill the vision for your life.

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