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11/16/11 – “Doers of the Word” II – As You Go


Wednesday in the Word

November 16, 2011


Doers of the Word II

(As You Go)


  1. I Corinthians 3:9
    1. The realities God have intended for the believer’s life can only be experienced when we execute our part (doing the Word) in the process.
  2. Hebrews 4:1-12
    1. When you enter into the rest of God you are no longer struggling.  (verse 1)
    2. God has enough power to bring every promise to pass in our lives. (verse 1).   (Scripture reference – II Peter 3:9)
    3. Doing the Word introduces the miraculous.  For example, the water to wine miracle Jesus performed in St. John 2 came as a result of following Jesus’ words.
      1. When you become a doer of the Word, God can take you to an “and suddenly” manifestation.
      2. God can bypass time when you do the Word.
    4. Doing the Word is believing the Word; otherwise, you are just in the process of hearing.
    5. The Word preached will not profit you until you make the decision to do [the Word].  (verse 2)
    6. Everything you will ever need in life is finished; you must be a doer of the Word to receive it. (verse 3)
    7. Walking with God is a process (it is not magic).
    8. Failure to comply is an indication you do not believe the Word.  (verses 6-7)
  3. James 1:22
    1. A doer is a maker; a producer; an author; a performer; one who obeys or performs the law.
    2. Hearing the Word only deceives you into believing you have power to see manifestation in your life.
  4. Romans 2:13
    1. Professional hearers are not justified by God.
  5. Isaiah 44:20
    1. Feeding on ashes rather than enjoying God’s best is the consequence of a deceived heart.


  1.          I.            Doing the Word before seeing results is faith.
    1. St. Luke 17:11-19
      1. The lepers did not wait to see a change before they obeyed Jesus.
      2. Hearing the Word only does not bring about a change.
      3. The lepers cleansing came as they went (following the instructions of Jesus).
      4. Only the one leper that thanked Jesus for His word was restored to wholeness.  (verse 19)

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