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11/18/12 – “The Sovereignty of God in Giving” XI – True Wealth



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November 18, 2012


The Sovereignty of God in Giving XI

(True Wealth)

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November 18, 2012


The Sovereignty of God in Giving XI

(True Wealth)




  1. God is bigger than our experiences.  He has no ceilings.
  2. Nothing is too hard for the sovereign Lord (even in our finances).
    1. Genesis 18:14
    2. Jeremiah 32:17



  1. Psalm 135:6
  2. Psalm 145:3
  3. Ecclesiastes 8:3-4
    1. The word of the King moves the Kingdom.
    2. The word of the King changes our status.
      1. King David changed the status of Mephilbosheth in II Samuel 9.
      2. King David honored his covenant with Jonathan.  Mephilbosheth, crippled, weak, and impoverished, received:
        1. Inheritance of the Father
        2. Provisions from the King’s table
        3. Servants from the King
    3. Compliance to the rules of the Kingdom by giving of your tithe, offering, and first fruit makes you the responsibility of the King.
  4. St. John 10:10, KJV & AMP
  5. Romans 8:28



  1. Definitions of the sovereignty of God…
    1. God can use anything and everything to work His purpose on earth.
    2. Possessing supreme or ultimate power [financially]
    3. Acting or doing independently without outside interference
    4. Supernatural power unlimited by natural forces, not restricted by natural laws or natural beings
      1. There is no power that can defeat, deny, or defy God
    5. God’s authority over natural material (matter) or means
    6. Never limited by the power of created beings or the forces of the universe
    7. No laws can restrict, limit or bind His power to perform His work (nothing stops God)


  1.          I.            God must bring man to a place of agreement with His purposes and objectives.
    1. God has gifted the earth to man.  Psalm 115:16
    2. Because we are in partnership with God, He cannot override our decisions.  I Corinthians 3:9
    3. How we prioritize our giving dictates the level of our agreement.  Amos 3:3
      1. Agreement defined…Believing, believing in
      2. By our giving and financing the Kingdom, we support the righteous cause of God.
        1. Psalm 35:27
        2. I Samuel 2:30
        3. Our giving is also an indication of our full persuasion (fully convinced of God’s sovereign power).  Romans 4:21
        4. Our giving (tithe, offering, and firstfruit) is proof of our agreement with the system of God.
  2.         II.            To satisfy God’s system of His sovereign power to bring His word to manifestation, God must convince man to believe.
    1. Believing is a biblical word that enforces the idea of accepting the word of God as true without sense realm verification regardless of the difficulty of the situation.  St. Mark 9:23
    2. Both natural and spiritual laws must be believed because you can’t see the laws working.
    3. Givers believe God has supremacy over financial challenges.
    4. When man believes:
      1. God has no limits (God cannot fail).
      2. God desires to overcome our limits with His limitless ability.
      3. Whatever you believe determines your ability or capacity to receive.
      4. We limit what our limitless God can do for us through our belief system.


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