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11/23/11 – “Doers of the Word” III – “Doing” Produces Results


Wednesday in the Word

November 23, 2011


Doers of the Word III

(“Doing” Produces Results)


  1. We will not be victorious in life simply having a Bible and taking notes from the Bible.  The key to victory is the ability to hear and comply with the voice of God.
  2. Each time you interact with the word of God, you can expect to hear the voice of God speaking to you about your specific situation in life.



  1. Hebrews 4:1-3 
    1. The word profits doers of the word.  (verse 2)
    2. The rest of God can be seen from two perspectives: (1) as a geographically region where all you needs are met (the absence of frustration and lack); and (2) realizing and recognizing there’s more to God beyond your salvation experience.
    3. Everything you need in life has already been finished; however, receiving is not automatic.  We must become doers of the Word.
      1. Genesis 1:1
      2. Genesis 2:1
  2. James 1:22
    1. Each time you decide not to obey God, your disobedience disconnects you from the results of doing the Word.
    2. The habit of the believer is hearing and doing.
    3. A doer is a maker (Joshua 1:6-8); a producer; an author; a performer (this tell us who we need to be when mountains show up in our lives – St. Mark 11:22-23)
    4. A doer – to have the whole inner being and personality of an individual caught up in obedience.
  3. Romans 2:13
    1. Only the man that acts on the Word will see results.


  1.          I.            Doing the word of God is designed to produce the following results:
    1. Praise
    2. All natural needs being met in your life
    3. You become blessed and as you are blessed you become a channel through which God can bless and train others.
    4. It validates the veracity of the word of God
    5. It creates a climate of God’s faithfulness and absolute willingness to perform His word
    6. It inspires us to greater levels of productivity [after doing]
    7. It lifts and ignites to the next season of greatness
  2.         II.            Doing the Word before seeing results is the key to faith.
    1. St. Matthew 14:22-25 [Emphasis verses 25-29]
      1. Jesus ability to walk on water proves He is from the higher Kingdom that dictates the order of the lower kingdom of the earth.  (verse 25)
      2. When Peter acted on the word “come”, he released the power contained in Jesus’ words to override the natural realm.   (verse 29)
      3. Whatever situation you’re faced with in life can change when you act on the Word (the how is God’s part).
      4. Doing the word bypasses time. (Example: the water to wine miracle in St. John 2).
      5. St. Mark 16:1-5
        1. The 3 ladies acted on Jesus’ word despite the obstacle of the stone.  (verse 1)
        2. In other words, a doer of the Word is not concerned about “how” God will do it (perform His word).
        3. As they went and did (obedience), the problem of rolling the stone away was resolved.  (verses 2-4)
        4. In other words, God will remove any “boulders, stones or blockages” you face in life when you become a doer of the Word.
        5. On the other side of your obedience (doing) is the rest of God.  (verse 5)


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