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11/30/11 – “Doers of the Word” IV – “Doing” Produces Results-B


Wednesday in the Word

November 30, 2011


Doers of the Word IV

(“Doing” Produces Results-B)


  1. Romans 2:13
    1. Simply hearing the Word alone will not produce results; hearing must be accompanied by “doing” the Word.
  2. James 1:22
    1. A doer is a maker (Joshua 1:6-8); a producer; an author; a performer; one who obeys or fulfills the law
    2. God’s voice is incorporated in His word.  In other words, the word of God will speak to you when you read and study it.  The key to seeing results is obeying the voice.



  1. Doing the word of God before seeing results is faith.
  2. Doing the word of God is believing God based simply on what He has said.
  3. God’s word is the final authority in the earth.
    1. Ecclesiastes 8:4
      1. God’s word [power] will change (manipulate) circumstances and conditions in the earth.
      2. Power is the ability to get results; a force responsible for movement.
    2. Moses obeyed the Word and…
      1. God’s word separated the Red Sea allowing the children of Israel to walk across on dry land.
      2. God’s word sustained the children of Israel in the wilderness with water and manna.
    3. Jesus obeyed the Word and…
      1. Jesus walks on water.
      2. Jesus changes water to wine.
  4. God has given believers (kings and priests in the earth) His word to reign in the earth.
    1. As kings we have a relationship with people; as priests we have a relationship with God.
    2. Revelation 1:6
    3. Revelation 5:10
  5. You must change your perception of God by seeing God from heaven down not from earth up in order to do the Word.
  6. When you become a doer of the Word, God can produce miracles in your life.
    1. Illustrations of the miraculous power of God
      1. Revelation 21:1-2
        1. There is a literal, tangible city in the heaven that will perfectly fit in the earth.
        2. God’s word is so powerful that it can suspend a city until He appoints it to manifest in this material realm.
        3. For a description of this miraculous city read Revelation 21:10-23
        4. If God can suspend a city in the air, He can provide all your needs.
        5. Even death is not final in the kingdom of God
          1. Lazarus in St. John 11
          2. The widow of Nain son in St. Luke 7
          3. Jairus’ daughter in St. Mark 5
          4. Jesus’ death and resurrection

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