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12/28/11 – “The Integrity of the Word” III – Defining the Integrity of God


Wednesday in the Word

December 28, 2011


The Integrity of the Word III

(Defining the Integrity of God)


  1. James 1:22
    1. Your true self is who you are in your spirit, not your body or your mind.
      1. I Thessalonians 5:23
    2. Self deception comes when your body and mind become the influencers rather than your spirit that is just like God.
    3. The moment you were saved God downloaded Himself into the fabric of your spirit and you know all things.
      1. I John 2:20
        1. Your knowledge of all things is in your spirit
      2. Proverbs 28:5
      3. Proverbs 20:27
      4. I Corinthians 2:6-10
        1. You are perfect in your spirit.
        2. God’s spirit reveals to your spirit through the conduit of word of God.
      5. Proverbs 2:1-5
        1. You must search the word of God for the knowledge of what God has downloaded in your spirit.
        2. Healing, prosperity, and long life have already been downloaded in your spirit.  As believers, we must learn how to call them up.


  1.          I.            Defining the integrity of God
    1. Integrity – honesty, trust, soundness (God’s word can be trusted); God’s word testifies of His character, power, and faith.
      1. God’s word is how He portrays His integrity.
        1. II Timothy 2:13
          1. God’s greatest pleasure in life is to be believed by His children.
          2. God’s word is still true whether you believe Him or not.
      2. God is faithful.
        1. Hebrews 11:11
          1. Sara judged God as faithful.
          2. God is more reliable than your circumstances.
          3. I Corinthians 1:7-10
          4. I Corinthians 10:12-13
            1. We are to become so convinced of the Word that we doubt what we see.
          5. II Thessalonians 3:3-4
    2. Observations
      1. The word of God is God speaking to you (if you are not in the Word, God cannot talk to you).
      2. A word is a unit of language that functions as a principle carrier of meaning and thought.
        1. God’s word is how He thinks and what He means.
        2. Your crop is an indication of the Word you have been speaking.
      3. God’s word is eternal.
      4. God and His word are synonymous.
        1. St. John 10:30
        2. St. John 17:17
          1. The word of God is the Truth of God.
      5. God cannot lie.
        1. Numbers 23:19
          1. God’s word will make any contrary situation good.
          2. Hebrews 6:17-18
          3. Titus 1:1-2
    3. The objective of God’s integrity is to convince us of His word because His word does not make natural/human reasoning sense.
      1. God’s word is more real than your five physical senses.
      2. The word of God is not limited to the earth’s environment.  In other words, the Bible is a reality of its own.
      3. The word of God creates (makes manifestation); your words portray.

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