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12/7/11 – “Doers of the Word” V – The Integrity of the Word


Wednesday in the Word

December 7, 2011


Doers of the Word V

(The Integrity of the Word)


  1. Isaiah 54:16-17
    1. The heritage of the believer is to subject the devil or any other contradictory circumstance to the Word.
  2. Isaiah 55:11
    1. You can conclude (bring to an end) any challenge in life with the word of God.
    2. God’s word is returned to Him by speaking it.
    3. God’s word will accomplish whatever He pleases regardless of the natural circumstances or laws; this is the integrity of God’s word.
    4. The re-creation of the earth is an illustration of the integrity of the Word.  (Scripture reference – Genesis 1:20-21)
    5. The reason God’s word can accomplish anything is because all things were made by His word.  In other words, there are no ceilings to what the Word can accomplish.
    6. What makes natural sense about what and how God does things?  It does not have to make sense or be lawful or legal because when the law is with, you can create as you go.
    7. In other words, you can create anything with the word of God.



  1. Romans 2:13
    1. Those that do the Word will see results.
  2. Hebrews 4:1-7
    1. The rest of God is when you speak to the mountain and it moves.  In other words, you are having what you say.
      1. St. Mark 11:12-14; 20-24
        1. Jesus highly developed faith (no doubt) allowed Him to speak and see immediate (24 hours) results.
  3. James 1:22
    1. Hearing the Word only will bring about self deception – a lack of power or results when using the word of God.


  1.          I.            The integrity of the Word
    1. Jeremiah 1:11-12
      1. What you see spiritually [not naturally] is what you are supposed to say.
      2. God will perform His word that you speak to things not yet manifested.  In other words, God’s word makes things.
    2. Integrity defined…
      1. Trustworthy – God’s word can be trusted to change situations.  For example, the Word caused water to spout from a rock.
        1. You will not do the Word if you are not convinced of the integrity of the Word.
        2. Incorruptible or incorruptibility (Scripture reference – I Peter 1:23)
          1. Your first birth brought you into a world of corruption; a world or system that has lied to you about your possibilities.
          2. When you are born again, you are born into a system that is not control or dictated by the senses.

·          II Corinthians 4:18

·           Romans 12:1-2

·           Romans 12:2, The Amplified Bible

  1. If you become a doer of the Word, you do not have to be limited and controlled by what you see.  The word of God will give you a new path and a new direction.
  2. Do not adapt your lifestyle to a lying system; become a doer of the Word and change what you see.
  3. Your entire mind must be renewed to eradicate doubt and trust in the integrity of the Word.
  4.         II.            The word of God is God speaking to you.
    1. Hebrews 4:12
      1. The word of God is alive.  The indication that the Word is alive is that the Word speaks.
      2. Everything you will ever need already exist in another realm.
      3. The sword of the spirit [which is the word of God] cuts an opening between heaven and earth making it possible for you to receive from the other realm when you call for what you need.
  5.       III.            A biblical example of the integrity of the Word
    1. Genesis 17:4, 15-16
      1. When Abram and Sarai changed their names or in other words became doers of the Word, God rearranged natural laws to impregnate Sarah.
      2. When Abram and Sarai changed their names, they never went back to who they were before.
      3. When God gives you a word, never go back to saying based on what the natural situation looks like.


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