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4/11/12 – “The Most Significant Old Testament Events” I – Genesis through Daniel


Tuesday in the Truth

April 10, 2012


The Most Significant Old Testament Events II

(Joshua through Esther)

Wednesday in the Word

April 11, 2012

The Most Significant Old Testament Events I

(Genesis through Daniel)




  1. The significance of the Bible (continued…)
    1. The word of God is a manual for solving problems.
      1. Downloaded in the word of God is information to solve any type of problem such as sin, marriage, relational, financial, or business.
      2. The word of God should be the final verdict on all issues of life.
      3. You govern issues of life by the Word not by your heart.
    2. The word of God is a book for and of deliverance.
      1. The Bible is the uncommon ability of God to deliver (God is an uncommon deliverer).
      2. Deliverance defined…God will bring you out.
        1. Isaiah 61:1-3
        2. Acts 10:38
        3. I John 3:8, KJV & AMP
          1. Destroy is the Greek word luo which means to unlock, un-cuff, unchain [the works of Satan].
          2. In other words, you must say to the enemy you know you have been made free.
          3. As a sinner, you do not have the power to resist sin.  After salvation, the power of sin is broken; consequently, you sin by a conscious choice.
    3. The word of God creates conviction [which produces changes].
      1. Conviction is having a made up mind.
      2. For believers certain issues such as worshipping God, tithing and the giving of offerings (support of the ministry), church attendance are settled.
      3. St. Matthew 22:29
        1. Without conviction, an individual can spend a lifetime in error.
        2. Conviction gives you access to the power of God whereby you begin to make all decisions by the word of God.
        3. The Holy Spirit convicts [not people].
  2. The Bible must be interpreted.
    1. II Timothy 2:15
    2. Proverbs 25:2
      1. The true meaning of the Bible is concealed from Satan.
      2. To interpret means to give or provide the meaning of; an explanation; to give understanding in a particular way; to translate.
      3. Kings (believers) study to search out what has been concealed from Satan.
        1. Revelation 1:6
        2. Revelation 5:10
    3. Psalm 119:18-19
      1. God illuminates the mind to understand the Bible’s mysteries.
      2. Revelation of that which is concealed is revealed in your spirit when you study and apply the Word.  If you do not study, God cannot reveal revelation knowledge for your life.
      3. You are anointed to have answers for your life.
    4. Daniel 2:1-23 [Emphasis verses 16, 21-23]
      1. God has any number of ways to change the heart of your enemies.
      2. When you strategically study the Book, you access the favor of God.
      3. In the natural, everything is set.  The Bible is the word of God that changes times and seasons (money, health, living situations).
      4. God allowed Daniel to interpret the king’s dream to confirm what God placed in the king’s heart (to document what He said).
    5. Kings search out the scriptures to change times and seasons.
      1. Your rhema word is revealed when you immerse yourself in the study of the Word because your future is encoded in your specific scripture.
      2. In other words, what you need is downloaded in a verse that is revealed when you study.  This implies no one can do your studying for you.
      3. The scripture you meditate on will tell you who you are and your true position in God.
      4. One scripture [with revelation] can unlock your miracle (revelation of debt cancellation; healing; next level living).
      5. No matter your background, promotion comes when the secrets of the Book are revealed. (Ex. Joseph, Daniel)
      6. The spirit of God can only interpret the Book for born again persons.
      7. One scripture [with revelation] can chase a thousand devils.  Two scriptures, however, can chase ten thousand devils.
      8. Revelation of the Word through individual study can change seasons and times.
  3. Most significant Old Testament events (continued…)
    1. Joshua
      1. The crossing of the Jordan River into Palestine – Joshua 3
      2. The first victory over the city of Jericho – Joshua 6
      3. The death of Joshua – Joshua 24:29
    2. Ruth 4
      1. The marriage of Boaz and Ruth (ladies, do not settle for Bozo when you can have Boaz)
    3. I Samuel
      1. The capture of the Ark of the Covenant by the PhilistinesI Samuel 4
      2. The rejection of Samuel by Israel – I Samuel 8:1-9
      3. The anointing of SaulI Samuel 9-10
      4. The rejection of Saul by GodI Samuel 15:23
      5. David is anointed as Saul’s successorI Samuel 16:13
    4. II Samuel
      1. The recovery of the Ark of the Covenant by David – II Samuel 6:15-16
      2. The Davidic covenant is givenII Samuel 7:8-17
    5. I Kings
      1. The anointing of SolomonI Kings 1:39
      2. The completion of Solomon’s templeI Kings 6:38
      3. The dedication of the temple – I Kings 8
      4. The kingdom of Israel is divided into northern and southern kingdomsI Kings 12
    6. II Kings
      1. The northern kingdom is captured by AssyriaII Kings 17:6
      2. The destruction of Solomon’s templeII Kings 25:8-9
      3. The Babylonian captivity of the southern kingdomII Kings 25:11
    7. Ezra
      1. The completion of the new temple under ZerubbabelEzra 3
    8. Esther
      1. Salvation of the Jewish people through Queen EstherEsther 4-7
    9. Ezekiel 10:18
      1. The departure of the glory cloud

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