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4/1/12 – “The Engrafted Word” II – The Engrafted Voice


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April 1, 2012


The Engrafted Word II

(The Shepherd and Bishop)

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April 1, 2012


The Engrafted Word II

(The Engrafted Voice)




  1. A.      Psalm 100:1-3
    1. Life has two sides, the natural (man-ward side) and the supernatural (God-ward side).  On the man-ward side we are God’s people; on the God-ward side we are sheep in the pasture of God.
  2. B.       Isaiah 53:6
    1. Sheep are forgetful creatures and have a tendency to forget their supernatural heritage.
      1. The engrafted Word is the antidote to forgetfulness.
        1. Psalm 88:12 – KJV, MSG, CEV
        2. As long as the enemy can cause you to forget, you will not walk in the fullness of God.
        3. Our supernatural heritage is in a realm where nothing is ever impossible.
        4. One Word from God can transport you from the realm of the impossible to the realm where nothing is ever impossible.
          1. St. Luke 1:37 – KJV, AMP
          2. St. Matthew 17:20
  3. C.       James 1:21 – KJV, MSG, CEV, AMP
    1. There’s a message from God implanted in your heart for successful everyday living.
    2. God has a Word for you [in your spirit] in addition to the word of God [the Bible].
    3. The Bible is the logos – the written word of God.
    4. The spoken word of God or rhema is the engrafted Word in your spirit that makes the Bible specific for you (to find your house, your car, your mate in the Word).
    5. The engrafted Word is able to change your soul or the way you think.
  4. D.      James 1:25, KJV
    1. The logos Word give you the patterns and moves of God; the rhema Word makes the logos specific for you.
  5. E.       II Corinthians 5:17 – AMP, MSG


  1.          I.            Understanding the engrafted voice of God
    1. Definitions
      1. Engrafted…inborn, implanted by nature, implanted by the instructions of others
      2. Word
        1. The divine expression (Christ Himself is speaking in and to you)
        2. Mouth, preaching, saying, speech, talk, utterance, uttered by a living voice, embodying a concept or idea, the sayings of God
    2. Every born again person should be receiving a message from God (the engrafted voice).
      1. Ezekiel 12:25, CEV
      2. St. John 8:31-32
        1. Continue in the rhema Word or the spoken Word of God that‘s engrafted in your spirit.
        2. You will also know the truth (the truth of the word of God) by the rhema Word.
        3. There’s a message (a personal Word from the Lord) that’s developed in you.
        4. When the Word is operative in your life you will have a voice that follows you and will teach you how to profit and receive the abundant life. (Scripture reference – St. Luke 15:11-24)
        5. Isaiah 48:17
          1. God’s objective is to teach His people how to increase.
          2. God will teach His children how to increase (become financially free) by His voice.
          3. Your thoughts are an indication of where you are currently [in your mind].
          4. Higher thoughts are a vehicle to elevate your lifestyle.  (Scripture references – Ephesians 3:20 Proverbs 23:7; I Thessalonians 5:23)
          5. Church is the institution whereby [saved] natural people understand their supernatural heritage.
        6. God’s sheep know and follow His voice.
          1. a.       St. John 10:1-5, 16
          2. b.       St. John 10:25-27
        7. St. John 10:31-35
          1. Receiving the voice of God (God in G-major) makes us like gods (gods in g-minor).
        8. St. Matthew 1:23
          1. Salvation means the voice of God is engrafted in your spirit which answers every question in life.
    3. Identifiable attributes and characteristics of the spirit and the voice of God
      1. St. John 16:13-14 – KJV, AMP
        1. The more you listen to the voice (the message), the more faultless you become.
        2. I John 4:1-3
          1. The voices you hear should glorify God and His deity.
          2. The antichrist’s voice can lead you away from the prosperity of God.
          3. The voice of habit sounds much like the voice of God.
        3. The voice of God will lead you to supernatural provisions and the abundant life.
          1. Read I Kings 17

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