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8/15/12 – “The Creation Stage” V – The Corruption of All Things



The Chronological Method of Bible Study


Tuesday in the Truth

August 14, 2012


The Creation Stage VI

(The Corruption of All Things)


Wednesday in the Word

August 15, 2012

The Creation Stage V

(The Corruption of All Things)




  1. The word of God is the will of God.
  2. God’s word is the objective truth not people or tradition.
  3. The word of God creates and makes.
    1. Genesis 1:26-27
      1. To create – to come into existence without any pre-existing materials
      2. To make – to come into manifestation from existing materials
      3. God created and formed [made] man from the dust of the earth.  (Scripture reference – Genesis 2:7-8)
    2. Hebrews 11:3
      1. When God was creating, He built with His word.  Heaven and earth were built with the building blocks of God’s word.   (Scripture reference – Genesis 1:1)
      2. The word of God has inherit power to bring itself to pass.
      3. For example, the power of the Highest reversed the need of the natural order of pregnancy.  Mary conceived with the word of God.  (Scripture reference – St. Luke 1:35)
    3. Romans 8:28
      1. Success comes when you know your God.
      2. God can use any and all things to bring His purposes to pass.  Nothing is beyond His control.
      3. No negative situation is “bad” when it is in the hands of the Lord.
      4. For example, God delivered Joseph and Daniel; Jeremiah’s visit to the potter’s house.
  4. The proper application of the word of God can create [make] you a “carefree” life.
    1. Humans were not designed to carry or handle cares or anxiety for long periods.
    2. You can live long and live strong when you decide not to accept anxieties and cares.
    3. I Peter 5:7-9 KJV, AMP
    4. Philippians 4:6, KJV, AMP
      1. You cancel the “care” and pressure of life with the word of God.
    5. Nahum 1:9
      1. Allow the Lord to bring an end to worry and anxieties consequently living a “carefree” life.



  1. Genesis [chapters] 1 & 2 are the only two perfect chapters of the Bible.
  2. The rest of the Bible is God’s exhaustive effort to return us back to Genesis 1 & 2 and Revelation 21 & 22.


  1.          I.            The corruption of all things – Genesis 3:1-4
    1. The subtlety [craftiness] of Satan (verse 1)
      1. Satan seeks entry into the earth by a human body, an animal or an inanimate object.
      2. Our fight is never against people; our fight is with the enemy that’s possessing people.
      3. Adam and Eve could apparently communicate with the animal kingdom in a different way than we can now.  They did not find it strange communicating with the serpent.
      4. Eve was never supposed to dialogue or negotiate with the devil.  You will lose every time.
    2. Satan always begins by casting doubt on the word of God.  (verse 1)
      1. Confessing the Word removes doubt and refreshes your spirit.
      2. Eve foolishly attempts to match wits with the devil.
      3. Unlike Eve, the believer resists the devil by confessing only what God has said.
        1. James 4:7
        2. I Peter 5:8-9
      4. Eve adds to the Word in Genesis 3:3
      5. The principle is if you add to the Word you will make allowances for the Word.
        1. Proverbs 30:5-6
        2. Revelation 22:18-19
    3. Satan ends the conversation by denying the word of God.  (verse 4)
      1. Because the Bible is a history book, you must rightly divide the Word (for what God said).
      2. Satan is not above deception [or lying] to manipulate the word of God.
      3. Listening to Satan caused Adam and Eve to die both spiritually and naturally.


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