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8/24/11 – “The Dangerous Spirit of Rebellion” IV – God’s Plan for the Believer’s Advancement


Wednesday in the Word

August 24, 2011


“Authority and Submission”


The Dangerous Spirit of Rebellion IV

(God’s Plan for the Believer’s Advancement)



  1. Authority…
    1. Delegated power.
    2. One operating in the ability of another without which there can be no order.
  2. Rebellion…
    1. Resistance to lawful (ordained) authority.
    2. The inward disdain of being accountable to leaders or spiritual authorities.
  3. Submission…
    1. Comfortably under the mission or assignment of another being used by God or man.
  4. Obedience…
    1. Learned behavior to internally comply with demands and commands; to yield.
    2. Obedience is the key to long term productivity.
    3. A calculated deliberate choice to carry out the will of God.

·           Four requirements for obedience

  1. Acceptance – to acknowledge the fact that God is the most significant and important being in my life.
  2. Action – complying with and surrendering to God’s instructions without complete understanding.
  3. Attack – an open confrontation of every mental argument or thought contrary to the will of God.
  4. Appropriate – receiving the grace of God to carry out His instructions even under pressure.
  5. Accountability…
    1. Answerable to a superior.
    2. A state of giving answers of personal activities and presence.
    3. A record of individual’s events capable of being explained.
  6. Independent spirit…
    1. Preserves their individual thoughts, decisions, and feelings.
    2. They are detached from the plan and path of God because of individual motives and desires.
  7. Pride…
    1. A high or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, merit, superiority, or importance whether as cherished in the mind or displayed in the conduct.
      1. Romans 12:3
      2. Healthy self-esteem is a balanced approach to life.
  8. Survival defined…
    1. The struggle to remain alive and living in the path of God’s calling for one’s life.
    2. To continue to function and prosper according to divine assignment.  (Rebellion to the leader interferes with this process of survival).


  1.          I.            God’s plan for the believer’s advancement
    1. Every believer has the personal indwelling of the Holy Spirit to guide them; but this does not mean that you do not need teachers.
      1. I John 2:26-27
        1. The anointing comes to help you identify the truth between a seducer and the biblical truth of God that He desires for you to walk in.
        2. You still submit to the five-fold ministry gifts to edify you in the things of God and equip you to recognize a seducing spirit.
        3. Seducer defined…
          1. To roam (a seducer’s intent is to cause you to roam, alone)
          2. To lead away from the truth [into error] essentially to deceive
          3. Ephesians 4:11-13
            1. The anointing of the prophet is to coach your life (you see your life improving – becoming better).
            2. Hebrews 13:7, 17
  2.         II.            The Church is Christ’s plan for His followers.
    1. Christ is the head.
      1. Ephesians 5:23
    2. The local church is commissioned to represent Him and His authority in the world.
      1. II Corinthians 5:20
        1. You cannot represent Him if you are still representing you.
        2. An ambassador only says what his government has programmed him to say.
        3. In other words, you are a speaking spirit.
    3. In the church, God has ordained elders, deacons, and pastors to supervise and manage the affairs of the Church.
      1. Acts 14:23
      2. I Timothy 3:10
    4. Supportive ministries are instituted to teach, train, and spiritually equip the saints for service.
      1. Acts 27:16-17
      2. I Corinthians 12:28
    5. Ministers are also accountable to the authority of overseers, who may offer counsel, reproof, or discipline when necessary.
      1. Acts 21:18-24
  3.       III.            Who knows best [for your life]?  (There is too much we do not know to know what is best).

·           God knows…

  1. Jeremiah 29:11
  2. Isaiah 55:8-9
  3. Jeremiah 3:15
  4. I know what I want to do, what I want to be, what I want to say, and go.
  5. I know what I need to eat.  (Psalm 23:1-3)
  6. This [church thing] is not working for me?  (Romans 8:28)



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